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January 10 2014 @ 03:54 pm
On a Highland Shore by Kathleen Givens (#1)  
Title: On a Highland Shore
Series: Highland, 1
Author: Kathleen Givens
Pages: 384
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Book Description:
From acclaimed historical novelist Kathleen Givens comes a magnificently conceived, intricately detailed novel that brings to vivid life the tumult, adventure, and passion of thirteenth-century Scotland, when Norse invaders laid claim to the land and its people -- and an explosive clash of cultures, politics, and personal pride changed the world forever.

1263: On Scotland's western shore, the village of Somerstrath prepares for the joyous wedding celebration of Margaret MacDonald, the laird's daughter. But a dark storm of bloodshed and betrayal is closing in, as a merciless band of Vikings threatens the Highlands. Margaret is determined to hold the MacDonald clan together and to locate her abducted younger brother. But can she trust the noblemen from King Alexander's court, who insist that only by adhering to a betrothal conceived for political gain will she find safety? Or should she put her trust in an imposing half-Irish, half-Norse warrior? Gannon MacMagnus alone offers her hope of reuniting her family and vanquishing the barbarous Norsemen who would continue to rob her people of their God-given right to determine their own destinies. In whom should Margaret entrust the fate of the rugged, magnificent land she calls home?

My Thoughts About the Book:
Wonderfully written and told! A historical romance worthy of the genre.

Vikings! Scots! Irish! Oh my!

Givens weaves a tale of romance, danger and adventure that is truly wonderful. I could barely stop reading the book and got rather annoyed that real life, work and eating meals got in the way of sitting down and immersing myself in this world of danger and love.

Gannon is Irish and Norse so to Margaret he looks like the Vikings that raided her home and murdered her family though she knows from a seer that he's the man who will change her life.

Margaret is a strong and beautiful woman who appears to be the leader of her people despite her brother's title. Gannon soon realizes that Margaret holds his heart with little effort.

The adventure that ensues is actually rather shocking as Gannon and his brother teach the men of a neighboring keep how to fight off attacks from the Vikings that are coming to rape, murder, pillage and burn everything they come into contact with.

The adventure is perilous but the romance seems legendary.

Givens use of historical facts and storytelling are memorizing and thrilling. A book well worth the read.

The Series: