Jill aka Jo (sireesanwar) wrote,
Jill aka Jo

25 Days of Christmas: Just 1 Present

24th Happy Christmas Eve! For some reason it has become tradition in our house to celebrate on Christmas Eve. Originally, we didn't. Originally, we played carols and baked and then we got to open just 1 Christmas present. I don't even think this was because we couldn't wait. I think it was all my dad's doing. He didn't want to wait. My mom's solution to this was to pull out the warm sleep socks that she'd bought us and we'd get to open those which as a kid is something of a let down.

Then we started doing our family Christmas on Christmas Eve because we'd get together with extended family on Christmas day. Now it is always the Sunday after so I'm not entirely sure why we celebrate on Christmas Eve except my mom likes to go to the local Christmas dinner on the 25th.

And guess what just 1 gift turned into? Yep, we not open all our gifts on Christmas Eve though stockings are for Christmas Day. I think, should I ever have kids of my own, I'll change that back to Christmas Day.

Still, I do love our Christmas traditions of Armenian goodies, friends and family and lots of happy memories.

What kind of Christmas traditions (or Hanukkah) do you have?
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