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Jill aka Jo

25 Days of Christmas: Christmas Lights

12th I don't know about you but I've always loved Christmas lights. As a kid we never put them on the house but every year we went for a drive. Living in Southern California where it never looks wintery meant that neighborhoods all over were getting together and creating elaborate light displays that would occasionally span across streets and mean you got to drive through them like a tunnel.
This is by far one of my favorite things from Christmas time. Whether we all hopped into the car or were on our way back from my Aunt and Uncle's house we would take this detour just to see the lights. They have them all over in Southern California and while I believe we went to the Ontario, CA light display it is highly possible that sometimes we choose one of the many other options.

Even now I don't really put lights on outside (the bill!) but we hang them on the tree, inside in the window, and I have them around my room for the fun of it. And every year I take a drive, often with nieces, to see all the houses that are decked out in Christmas lights. Of course, in rural Northern California there is nothing like the displays in Southern California but it is still fun to take the drive and see the lights.
Here is a Christmas Light Show for you, though I can't say we ever saw anything this elaborate:
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