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25 Days of Christmas: Music

9th I love Christmas music though sadly there is a lack of variety, and while I do like the non-traditional music, I really get sick of hearing that all someone wants for Christmas is someone else. Christmas love songs have never appealed to me though it isn't completely true of all Christmas love songs.

As for traditional music, I find that while some people don't like it because of its religious content (which isn't at all an issue for me), most of the time I don't like it because it sounds like you are part of a funeral procession.

Songs like Go Tell It On the Mountain aren't to be sung like it is dire news! Sure some of the traditional hymns are subdued because they are conveying a peaceful message but come on. Liven it up a little!

In came Garth Brooks. Seriously, have you ever listened to his Christmas album Beyond the Season? It is one of the best with a great variety of songs. And I know what some of you are thinking, "It's country." I don't know where the idea that country music is bad has come from and to be honest Garth Brooks sound is so influenced from great artist that are not all country that I don't think he counts. He's the every genre singer because people love him.

And for Got Tell It On the Mountain, Garth starts out slow (though faster than most) and it really picks up. I love this version so please listen to this beautiful version:

Now having said that non-traditional hymns are fun and I do enjoy them. Granted this is a "love" song, kind of. The thing is I love Leon Redbone's voice and Zooey Deschanel is a great singer though I believe sometimes her music is a little odd. Still this song from the Elf soundtrack is a favorite of mine.

And then there is this little gem which I've loved since I was a kid:

Brenda Lee's I'm Gonna Lasso Santa Claus

I hope you enjoyed these songs.

Please feel free to share any great Christmas songs you really love. If you'd like to post it in video format you can use the below coding:

You may have to change the height and width values.
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