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25 Days of Christmas: The Best Presents

8th Everyone loves presents. Well I suppose there are those who never get what they want but overall we love getting gifts. People who say they don't never seem to mean it, in my experience, and are instead disappointed to get nothing at all. Don't tell people you dislike receiving something. A good reason why is the people who LIKE to give even if they don't receive. I am one of them. I love buying something and knowing when the person opens it that they really like the gift. Thankfully I'm 99% sure I buy good gifts. There are a few out there I'm not sure about but overall I think I've been able to get good presents for those people I love. I think it is this need to show people we care and if buying them a gift we know they will enjoy.

Some of us gift giving people don't really want to see people open their gift but I'm just not one of those. I love seeing their reaction. In that moment, you know what they think. People don't really school their features so you can tell if they are intrigued but unsure, extremely happy, or just think you have absolutely no idea what they like.

My best friend is one of these people. You can tell immediately what she is thinking. So when I gave her a Mickey/Donald/Goofy blanket with all of them dressed like California Angels (baseball), I saw that spark. First, my best friend is always cold. When she's home or at my house she wants a blanket she can take with her all over the house because she's cold even in the summer. Secondly, she loves Disney and her third love is baseball which developed after she married. Her favorite team? Yes, California Angels. I realized later she'd texted her husband (also an Angels's fan) to tell him about it. *pat myself on the back* That is the pleasure of getting someone a gift they love. It makes them happy and you.

Am I tooting my own horn? Maybe. But the idea is getting to know a person well enough that when you see some obscure thing you'll know all the reason why it is a good gift for them.

We always hope the same is true in reverse.

So what is one of the best gifts you've ever received for Christmas?

Mine might not be because it is spectacular but because of the sheer enjoyment I got out of it after I opened it. I wanted to be a singer. I'll have you know while I can hold a tune I'm far from being a good singer, still as a kid it seemed like the best thing in the world so I wanted a microphone. One that worked. I do recall that year also wanted Hit Stix.
I spent hours jamming on these with my microphone (couldn't find a picture of the one I had). The microphone was supposed to work but it didn't seem to work well which was a little disappointing but I made due. You just needed a microphone to look like one to justify singing into it.

As for the Hit Stix, I enjoyed them right until the yellow part broke cleanly off a top making the whole thing rather worthless. Sad but fun beyond belief. And I'll tell you the happiness I got out of them was more than any other gift I can remember. I think that feeling is what is worth trying to recreate when giving.
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