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The Pretender: Rebirth (#1) by Craig Van Sickle and Steven Long Mitchell

Title: The Pretender: Rebirth
Series: The Pretender
Author: Craig Van Sickle & Steven Long Mitchell
Pages: 276
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Book Description:
Rebirth is a slick mystery thriller about a brilliant human chameleon named Jarod who after escaping from the notorious Centre, plunges headlong into his newfound freedom. While also discovering the joys and intricacies of everyday life with the pure wonderment of the man/child he is, Jarod uses his unequaled abilities to literally become anyone he wants to be (a surgeon, a pilot, a physicist, etc.) as well as his dazzling mind over muscle vigilante-like skills to bring down the powerful and corrupt and protect those who can't defend themselves. All the while he must stay a step ahead of his relentless pursuers from The Centre. First and foremost is the sexiest woman on the planet, the complex, bitch-on-wheels, Miss Parker who wants him recaptured at any cost - alive - preferably. Parker is a deliciously cunning woman Jarod has known since childhood and theirs is a truly multifaceted cat and mouse relationship - one driven by Jarod who holds the key to the emotional secrets at her very core, secrets that fuel her relentless drive to recapture him. Then there is Sydney, Jarod's surrogate father figure and psychologist who raised and nurtured his genius for The Centre's disreputable purposes. To Jarod, Syd is both friend and foe, confidante and captor, counselor and betrayer. But Syd's calm paternal connection to Jarod remains strong, often in conflict with The Centre agenda. Jarod senses Sydney holds the emotional keys to his core - the truth about his past and the identity of the parents he was stolen from and whom he longs to reunite with. In Rebirth, Jarod employs multiple sophisticated pretends in his quest to save one missing boy and hundreds of other innocent lives hanging in the balance at the hands of multi-national corporate terrorists and mercenaries.

My Thoughts About the Book:
When I started this book I felt a little disappointed because the first chapter seemed so out of place in the writing style though now I'm not sure if that was somehow intentional. It just didn't seem like the writing we were used to for the wonderful show we had.

And then I read chapter two and felt like I was settling into the same wonderful world I once couldn't get enough of. Jarod is a Pretender who has escaped and Sydney and Miss Parker chase him all over the world.

I loved reading the aspects of Jarod's Pretends and his interactions and discoveries.

I love the feeling of seeing Miss Parker again for the first time.

My only real complaint is that a character I loved from the show is either very different and has a different name or is non-existent in this retelling/rebirth or the show I've always held in my heart as my favorite.

Do you need to have seen the show to read these books? No. Not at all. Technically, it is a reboot but even as an avid fan of the show it also feels like a continuation though clearly it is not. I think anyone can start reading these books with no knowledge of the show and be pleasantly surprised that they can go back and watch much of Jarod's adventures.

As for the book. Despite feeling as though it is a restart to everything I know of this fandom, it is a wonderful restart which has a new feel that still meshes well with the old and feels much the same as discovering the show in the beginning.

I loved it and can't wait to read more.

The Series:
Saving Luke
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