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Season 6 Opener for Castle

Okay so season 5 ended with the proposal which I kind of figured would go one way and I was right. But the structure of the show in this episode, I didn't love. I'm really hoping things will go back the way it was but I'm going to talk a little more about that behind a spoiler cut.... but while I still love the cast and the show more or less... I don't love the new set up.
[Spoiler (click to open)]

So Beckett said yes to the proposal which I was happy about and I loved Castle's reasoning behind the proposal. Nothing to do with her getting a new job and more to do with he loves her and wants to be with her even if she has a new job and they don't see each other as much. Sweet.

But then Beckett has this new job which puts her in DC not NY. Okay you could almost deal with that except it means she has a new partner and team and while they seem great and work well together they aren't Castle, Ryan and Esposito. This is the team I love and want. My guess is that they will do something to change this and Beckett will go back to NY. This to mean seems a little sad because Beckett got this great opportunity and I think she can do it but what will happen is she gives it up... either that or she gets the axe because Castle stuck his nose into classified information.

Still, while I like that Beckett got some great opportunity I would love it if she were in NY. And I wouldn't mind if her "team" got some kind of great opportunity despite how unrealistic that would be.

Now there is the aspect of Castle being poisoned. Gosh, have they done something like this before? Seems like it. Or maybe it is just because they overdue this storyline on all shows. Either way, blah. This I could deal with because this is Caskett right? But for me Castle and Beckett come with Ryan and Esposito and Lani! I miss the TEAM.
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