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Seriously considered going without makeup but...

Okay I like putting myself together by my biggest issue has been make up and the fact that I have oily skin. Not just my face either. My eyes are rather oily and make up doesn't stay on at all and there seems little point in eye shadow because within a couple of hours it is all creased up (even the no crease eyeshadows) and a couple hours after that it is in my eye and painful.

Finally, I've discovered some things I absolutely love.

#1 Too Faced Eyeshadow Primer (you can click the image to price it at Amazon)
It is fantastic. Seriously. I've been wearing it on hot days and cool days and so far my makeup hasn't come off into my eyes and my eye shadow has taken nearly all day of wearing it to even crease a little which is a huge thing for us oily eyed gals. I've been using a lot of over the counter mascara's, eyeshadows and eyeliners which never seemed to work before but with this product I'm having next to no trouble. I still doubt I could get away wearing it for 16 hours but generally I don't have my makeup on that long anyway but should you need to come home and redo a little makeup for a night on the town you'd be set, I'm positive.

And while you can get it at Amazon for a good price sometimes it is easiest to just walk into Sephora and pick it up.

#2 Rimmel London ScandalEyes Waterproof Gel Eyeliner (click image)rimmel+gel+pot+eyeliner+black
Again most of the eyeliners I've used have come right off or simply faded throughout the day but I have to admit this stuff seems to stay where you put it though I think the Too Faced Primer helps tremendously with that. Something else I love is that you dip the wand and get as much of the eyeliner as you want to paint on yourself. At the rate I'm using this it will be another year before I'm finished with this product making my cost rather small. Helps that I got mine at CVS with their discounts going from the regular $10 price to about half that after coupons and rebate money.

Another things I really love about this product is that the wand isn't always sitting in the gel. You click the wand into the top and then twist that top over the gel pot. And because it is gel if it is in an overnight case or your purse the gel isn't moving so sitting on it's side makes no difference.

#3 Benefit Cosmetics They'Re Real! Mascara (click image)
So I actually got the mini version from Sephora, when I went in to pick up the Too Faced Primer, as a gift for my birthday. I was skeptical because I don't usually like sample mascaras especially when they don't have the claim of being water proof which this one doesn't. It does claim to be all day wear. Imagine my surprise that I love this $25 mascara. *shakes fist at Sephora* My thing is that I can't justify paying that much for mascara that does seem to last all day long when not faced with water.

I love the brush which is crazy. This picture doesn't due it justice but it had rounded tip with bristles for all those little eyelashes we have and works amazingly at separating lashes. For that alone I will keep the empty mascara for the brush which I intend to keep and wash and use. I may have to by the full version once just to have a long brush that I can switch out on other mascaras. Still I'm going to be trying Maybelline's Great Lash Waterproof Mascara because I've heard it is one of the best over the counter mascaras.

#4 Eyeshadow Nothing specific
So I haven't decided anything specific is best. I've been using Mary Kay, Maybelline, Revlon, Wet n' Wild, etc. The things is that nothing worked until the Too Faced Primer and now it seems to matter very little what I'm using. That is nice because there is a great freedom in being able to pick from many different styles and colors.

The only thing is I usually go with pressed powdered ones because they don't increase the oil factor like other ones do.

#5 Face Makeup
I've stuck with Neutrogena Foundation and Powder because it tends to be suited for oily skin and skin that breaks out a lot.

#6 Makeup Remover
At least for my eyes this is always been something of an issue. So when I found Mary Kay's Eye Makeup Remover I was very happy because there is little to no fuss. Just wipe and your done. The only issue I've come across is that you it seems to leave my eyelids rather oily even though it is supposed to be oil free. So if you don't have and oil issue it really is the best thing for removing eye makeup.

But something I've discovered which seems to control oil and remove eye makeup is Neutrogena Naturals Fresh Cleaner and Makeup Remover. It is easy to use (especially if you remove makeup in the shower) and it seems to work with little effort. So both great products but this one seems to help with that oiliness.

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