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September 11 2013 @ 12:41 pm
Dragon Chalice Trilogy by Lara Adrian  

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Heart of the Hunter Heart of the Flame Heart of the Dove
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Series: Dragon Chalice Series 1-3
Author: Lara Adrian writing as Tina St. John

Book Description:
Heart of the Hunter
Desperate to rescue her kidnapped brother, Ariana of Clairmont joins forces with Braedon le Chasseur, a seductive knight with a mysterious past--and a dark legacy he struggles to deny. Allied in a quest for a legendary treasure, they encounter powerful enemies skilled in dark magic...and discover a love beyond enchantment.

Heart of the Flame
Six months in an enemy’s dungeon might have broken a weaker man, but the former Templar knight Kenrick of Clairmont has emerged from imprisonment with an unyielding determination, consumed by a single, daunting quest: to find the Dragon Chalice, a mystical treasure said to grant its bearer unlimited power. It is a dangerous chase, one that pits Kenrick against foes skilled in dark, deadly arts. But no obstacle will prove more treacherous–nor more seductively lethal–than the fiery beauty called Haven.

Caught up in the battle for the Chalice, Haven survives a night of terror that leaves her wounded and near death. Her memory scorched by fever, Haven awakens to find herself in the care of the forbidding, handsome Kenrick, who offers his protection in return for her alliance. A tenuous trust is formed between the two, which soon ignites into a fierce passion neither can deny. But Haven’s memory of her past is slowly beginning to surface, and it will threaten the fragile bond she and Henrick share–and embroil them in a fight for their very lives. . .

Heart of the Dove
The darkest heart . . .

Everything that Randwulf of Greycliff loved was torn from his grasp in a night of fire and terror. His wife and child slain, his manor destroyed, Rand now lives for one thing alone: revenge on the man who ordered the attack. Armed with part of the legendary Dragon Chalice–the object his enemy most desires–Rand embarks on a deadly voyage to trap his foe. He will avenge his family . . . and let no one stand in his way.

The brightest hope . . .

On a stormswept shore in the wilds of northern England, a gentle maiden discovers a man lying on the beach, shipwrecked and in need of care. But helping him is forbidden. Serena has the gift of Knowing: with a mere touch, she can see all the secrets in a man’s heart. It is a gift that has kept her secluded from the outside world, wary of those who would use her powers for their own gain. But Rand’s wounded heart beckons, and his passionate nature draws her to him–daring her to surrender to a dangerous seduction that could destroy them both. . .

What did you think of the book? (Why this book?, New Author? Read more by author? Keeping? Thoughts on Hero? Heroine?)
I adore Adrian's Midnight Breed Series which maybe me inclined to trying this series.

The first book seemed promising. The story was interesting from the start but it was a little slow. When Ariana met up with Braedon it became a little more interesting but again as they made their through their adventure there always seemed to be something lacking.

I think the real problem is that of many first books in a series. They have a lot to introduce and therefore are bogged down in story details rather than the adventure.

I did enjoy Ariana and Braedon's romance though it wasn't as obvious as some of the couples Adrian has created in the past. I did enjoy the paranormal aspects of Braedon's origins and the shifters in the story though Adrian didn't seem to really delve into that aspect of the story.

The second book, was much better than the first book. Now we have Kenrick, brother to Ariana of the first book, and Haven who's secret isn't all that hard to figure out.

Kenrick is a stoic and sometimes overbearing lord though his heart is pure and his intentions always honorable. Well, that is until his tempting victim starts moving around his home causing chaos in this heart and soul.

Haven appears to be the soul survivor of the brutal slayings that took place and Kenrick's friend's home. He's determined to find out what she knows but she wakes with almost no recollection of what has occured or even that much about herself.

It is hard to reconcile the moods of Kenrick but they never seem to be without cause. Haven seemed the typically heroine but then her secret makes her more interesting.

There are a couple twists and turns but then end while good enough seemed to be a little lacking though leading into the next book nicely.

The third book, was good but lacked something.

Rand was an interesting hero. A man who'd lost everything because of our villain and the mystical shifters under his control. Rand is setting out on a journey to find the final part of the Dragon Chalice in hopes of stopping Silas our villain who had his men attack Rand's home and who is responsible for the deaths of Rand's wife and child.

The thing is that Rand is in morning for his loved ones and yet when he meets Serena a sheltered woman who had grown up away from others, he can't help being drawn to her.

Now the story explains some things about Rand's wife that were set up in the second book and yet it all seemed very convenient to enable Serena and Rand a love story.

Serena's sheltered life is called more into question when she starts getting to know Rand and realizes that her own family has secrets she had no knowledge of.

The thing is that while the story was good there was the nagging aspect that just seemed like it could have been better or that just seemed to be so much less important to the fact that the goal was to bring Rand and Serena together.

I felt like the Dragon Chalice was a great idea and the fantasy aspect a great one that really could have been more involved and yet it all seemed like an after thought to the romance between two characters.

Not nearly as good as the Midnight Breed series by the same author.