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Armed Agents raid Animal Shelter For Baby Deer...

This is sick. It baffles me in a world where more often than not animals are deemed more important than humans that something like this would happen. What I don't understand is how any DNR agent can walk into a shelter (obviously a shelter) and decided to kill a baby deer, a sweet little fawn who was probably beyond terrified.

And to say this shelter was doing something illegal by trying to save a baby deer from certain death without it's mother is just crazy. These people where being good stewards of this planet and trying to help and animal in need.

I am far from some animal rights activist but I have a shred of human decency and when I see an animal in pain or in need it is in me to try to help it. This is what this no-kill shelter was doing. They weren't keeping the fawn. Giggles the Fawn was scheduled to be picked up by a Wildlife Group who could care for it.

And the DNR (government bureaucracy) came in and murdered it. The DNR is supposed to protect wildlife from being mistreated or humans from potentially sick animals, not abandoned or injured animals from being saved!

News Video at Link Below...

WISN 12 News investigates an operation raising questions about the use of government resources and the state policy that meant a death sentence for a fawn.
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