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Heart of the Hunter by Lara Adrian (Dragon Chalice, 1)

Title: Heart of the Hunter
Series: Dragon Chalice, 1
Author: Lara Adrian
Pages: 410
Link: click image

Book Description:
Desperate to rescue her kidnapped brother, Ariana of Clairmont joins forces with Braedon le Chasseur, a seductive knight with a mysterious past--and a dark legacy he struggles to deny. Allied in a quest for a legendary treasure, they encounter powerful enemies skilled in dark magic...and discover a love beyond enchantment.

What did you think of the book? (Why this book?, New Author? Read more by author? Keeping? Thoughts on Hero? Heroine?)
Intriguing idea....

I adore Adrian's Midnight Breed Series which maybe me inclined to trying this series.

The story was interesting from the start but it was a little slow. When Ariana met up with Braedon it became a little more interesting but again as they made their through their adventure there always seemed to be something lacking.

I think the real problem is that of many first books in a series. They have a lot to introduce and therefore are bogged down in story details rather than the adventure.

I did enjoy Ariana and Braedon's romance though it wasn't as obvious as some of the couples Adrian has created in the past. I did enjoy the paranormal aspects of Braedon's origins and the shifters in the story though Adrian didn't seem to really delve into that aspect of the story.

Overall, I can't say I was overly interested in either character though the arch of the story, the Dragon Chalice, kept me wanting to read on. I do intend to keep reading if only to discover what will happen when the different parts of the Dragon Chalice are merged.

I'm really hoping the next book will be more entertaining so as not to deter me from continuing the series.

Other Book in the Series:
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