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July 23 2013 @ 11:51 am
Tarnished by Amber Lynn Natusch  
Title: Tarnished
Series: Caged, 5.5
Author: Amber Lynn Natusch
Pages: 99
Links: Kindle

Book Description:
Sean has a reputation for brutality, and it is well-deserved. Centuries of inflicting pain and punishment on anything and everything he deemed worthy slowly stole whatever light had been in him when he was born. His angelic nature fell victim to the god of war within him, just as Ares had intended.

After an enigmatic encounter, a vision of Ruby comes to Sean and changes all of that. Her piercing blue eyes bear their way into his soul, awakening it as though it had never slept. Struggling against his inner darkness, Sean fights to keep that light from fading again and eventually goes to extremes to ensure that it won't.

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So good. A wonderful glimpse into Sean's past. We get to see the twists and turns of his emotional state before he met Ruby. We get to see who Sean really is inside which I loved reading about.

My only real issues was that we didn't find out enough about his time with Ruby. I really wish we'd had a little glimpse into his thought processes during certain situations Ruby's encountered but either way I liked the book a lot.

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