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July 21 2013 @ 10:26 pm
For Wordpress  
Dear Wordpress,

A little while back I pulled all my posts from my LiveJournal (sireesanwar) and imported them to your service but I didn't get everything moved over. Last week I was trying to repopulate my book reviews and index them all on my new blog which I wished to host with you and start posting them here with other book recommendations, news and talk (especially now that my favorite series will be a tv show) when my blog was shut down.

I understand you think I'm trying to take someone elses blog posts or something to that effect but these posts are mine and I simply wanted to move them from my personal journal which I hope to make friends only to your platform for more public book sharing.

Would it be possible to please turn my blog back on.

Jill aka Jo

PS: The book reviews were originally posted at a blog I started before finding wordpress at sireesanwar.livejournal.com.

I have posted there (http://sireesanwar.livejournal.com/790406.html) to verify that it is my journal and I am posting my own words.
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