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I hate tumblr...

Okay so I was asked recently if I make layouts for Tumblr because a lot of LJ users have gone to Tumblr because of LJ's attempts to improve things. And believe me I understand the need to find a site that isn't screwing things up constantly. But I love livejournal and all my friends are here so I'm not budging. I don't get it but to each their own.

So I decided to go to Tumblr to check it out. When the sign in window came up I typed in my email and my password, thinking I had an account. I got the message that there is no account associated with that email address. So I thought I hadn't signed up with Tumblr but another site like Word Press or Blogger. So I signed up and when I went to create a blog they told me that sireesanwar was taken. That baffled me. I created that character and name so it is never taken. I went with sirees-anwar and then I got to thinking about it some more.

So I went to sireesanwar.tumblr.com and wouldn't you know it is mine. You can see for yourself it you like. So I contacted Tumblr because I have a mess on my hands and no way to fix it.

I brought this issue to them and was told my email provider could help me get into my email. What the hell?

Then it was these two account are spelled slightly different because one has a hypen. Stupid much? I told you that.

Then they wanted me to send a photo that they could compare to the user photo at the original account. I would say some progress but I don't use photos and told them so. Not too promising but it was help.

Then they told me to post via email to the first account (sireesanwar). And I told them I had no idea what the email posting access email was because I never used it after originally setting up the account. I asked if there was any other information associated with the account. And they told me that they ask these questions for security purposes. What? Morons.

I even emailed them and told them that if they went to the first post on that blog it will link to my LiveJournal and that I posted something to them on that post on my LJ. No response to that.

The I told them that I don't usually set up email posting and pictures but there had to be other information associated with the account like a zip code, maybe a date of birth or my name which I gave them all of. They came up with asking me the IP address. Yay progress!

I sent them the IP address. Their response was to send them a photo that resemble the photo on the account because then they can verify I'm the owner. I repeated myself that I don't post pictures of myself as user photos. To which they replied that they ask these questions for security purposes. WTF? I'm going insane right?

I've talked to Caroline, Vandy, Cat, David, Jim, Anderson and Alex. So my latest reply was this and I got mad so...

Yes, I know I've been talking to you people for over a week and you all go in a circle over and over because i have to talk to 50 people instead of the same person.

I signed up for this stupid account (sireesanwar.tumblr.com) at least 2 years ago. I forgot all about it but at some point connected it to my livejournal account which is where most of the posts go to.

I then recently set up another account with my email address (of 20 years) because your stupid site said I didn't have an account only to realize after creating sirees-anwar.tumblr.com that I have a blog with you.

I don't think that my email was ever connected to the first account. I never added a picture to it because I don't share those kinds of picture online publicly.

I don't have email posting access to it. I HAVE NO ACCESS AT ALL TO MY ACCOUNT. I did make a comment to tumblr on the livejournal post that the first post at sireesanwar.tumblr.com takes you too.

My IP address is for probably both accounts because they were mine and set up at the same location.

Now are you people going to actually help me or do we have to start all over with this. I have no other information for this account. I can't get into it with an email address. I probably signed up with a username which would probably be the sireesanwar I used at the blog name. The password is one of three but how can I even attempt to sign into it if there is no way to!
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