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Word to the Wise: Sobakawa Pillow Review

Product Description:
Sobakawa Cloud Pillow w/ Bonus Case The Sobakawa Cloud Pillow is a unique micro-air bead pillow that offers the ultimate in sleeping comfort and support. It uses over 10 million micro-air beads to provide personal contoured support, cooling comfort airflow, and head and neck support. It helps support your neck, shoulders and upper back, helping to promote sounder sleep. Use when driving for lower back support, while watching TV, under your knees or while doing yoga. For headaches or neck spasms, place it in the freezer for maximum cooling effect. Relaxing, contoured and cooling. Pillow measures 12.6" x 18.5" x 3.15". Features: Lasting comfort- long lasting beads keep their shape sleep after sleep Contour shape supports your head and neck- conforms to your anatomy New micro-air bead technology- over 10 million micro-air beads for cooling air flow and ultimate comfort Includes: 1 x Sobakawa Cloud Pillow (12.6" x 18.5" x 3.15") 1 x Custom Fit Pillow case

You may or may not have seen this pillow on As Seen On TV infommercials. Don't bother. I tried this pillow and it was awful. I had multiple bad nights of sleep and finally just tossed the pillow to the floor in favor of my own arm.

Ultimate sleep comfort and support? Not even close and didn't even begin to support my neck. I ended up at the chiropractor.

Mirco-air beads provide personal contoured support? Nope, they just shift until you are in their patented pocket for your head. Cooling comfort? Well it wasn't that cool because you end up with two lumps at the sides of your head. Head and neck support? Nope not even a little. Neck, shoulders and upper back? Okay so my shoulders and upper back seemed okay but it was hard to tell because my neck was in pain and out of adjustment from this pillow. There was also no sound sleep as I kept having to adjust the pillow and keep it with me. I never used the pill for under my knees or yoga because I wanted it for sleep. I woke with a terrible headache which had more to do with my neck needing adjustment and I don't know about you but a pillow doesn't fit into my freezer.

And the pillow you get is smaller than a standard size pillow which makes things worse.

Amazon won't let me give it a 0.
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