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December 30 2012 @ 01:44 am
Downton Abbey Christmas special  

Just finished watching the Downton Abbey Christmas special. No spoilers but I'm rather stunned and upset I have to wait so long to see what happens next.

I also feel a little numb.

Beware Spoilers in Comments
nightfog: DA - Mary & Matthewunightfog on December 30th, 2012 10:10 am (UTC)
Yep it was quite a bummer! :-((((

Glad that the new housemaid is history already, she really got on my nerves.

i have to admit that with the current turn of events I am not sure if I look forward to the new season
Jill aka Jo: DA: Lady Marysireesanwar on January 1st, 2013 12:30 am (UTC)
I couldn't stand the new housemaid and when poor Tom. I cried with him.

Same here but I'm interested to see what happens so... I don't know. Such turmoil.
Beckybeeej on December 30th, 2012 04:28 pm (UTC)
My favorite character. *is sad* I had heard that he wanted to leave the show, but I had hoped that was just a rumor.
Jill aka Josireesanwar on January 1st, 2013 12:31 am (UTC)
That was not the way to do it. I'm just devastated right now. They were so great together and I don't want him to be gone.
(Deleted comment)
Jill aka Jo: DA: walking the groundssireesanwar on January 1st, 2013 12:32 am (UTC)
Right. It was sooo good and Tom was just so great and everything with him was so touching and then BAM. They blindsided us... poor choice of words.

I'm so upset!!!! But at least he has an heir right. Downton is safe. But I'm just thinking what Mary will be like next season. Oh my.