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December 19 2012 @ 10:58 am
A Dixie Christmas by Sandra Hill & The Secret Christmas Cipher by Carolynn Carey  
A Dixie Christmas A Secret Christmas Cipher
Sandra Hill Carolynn Carey
111pgs (431kb) 134pgs (173kb)

Book Description:
A Dixie Christmas
In Blue Christmas, an uptight Boston businessman arrives in Memphis, Tennessee determined to sell the oddball "Blue Suede Suites" hotel he's inherited. Instead he lands in a pile of complications when he steps in the wrong spot at the Elvis-themed live Nativity scene on his property. Recovering from a concussion, he finds himself in the care of a gorgeous good ol' girl dairy farmer. And suddenly, all his plans begin to melt. . .

In Jinx Christmas, a handsome and famous NASCAR driver shows up in his ex-wife's Louisianna town determined to win her back, even if it means using the matchmaking advice of an outlandish Cajun godmother and her far-from-conservative tactics.

A Secret Christmas Cipher
Abigail can’t explain, even to herself, why she married Derek after he’d asked her to wait for him and then became engaged to someone else. If his poor fiancée had not died, he would now be wed to her instead of Abigail. But then Abigail begins uncovering some of the secrets that are a part of her husband’s life and wonders if perhaps there is hope for their marriage after all.

Derek, Lord Westdale, wasn’t sure why Abigail married him; she obviously despised him. On the other hand, he knew exactly why he was marrying her: she was the only woman he would ever love, despite his having offered marriage to another. Unfortunately, he can’t seem to convince Abigail that he never really betrayed her after all.

Can their decoding of a secret Christmas cipher bring an end to their misunderstandings and help them create their own special Christmas tradition?

What did you think of the book? (Why this book?, New Author? Read more by author? Keeping? Thoughts on Hero? Heroine?)
A Dixie Christmas
This book was cute enough. Blue Christmas was the better of the two stories. I can't say I really loved either story but Blue Christmas with it's Scrooge like character meeting the woman he really wants and deciding the country life was for him over the high paced city life.

While Blue Christmas was cute it was a little cliche.

Jinx Christmas was a little much and, I thought, too short for the story to really develop.

A Secret Christmas Cipher
Good story about two people who grew up together and feel in love only to have a misunderstanding nearly tear them apart... even though they do get married.

Abigail doesn't want to forgive Derek for hurting her when he proposed to another woman who has since died leaving Derek's father and Abigail's father to arrange their marriage to each other. Why she agreed she can't figure out but she refuses to let Derek have any husbandly rights.... maybe.

It was a very sweet story with a truly good secret and a wonderful conclusion. This story actually made me wonder about some of the other characters (Derek's sisters) and if they too would have stories.