Jill aka Jo (sireesanwar) wrote,
Jill aka Jo

Writer's Block: Independence Day

What do you think are the best ways to help a child learn to be independent and self-sufficient later in life?

Teach them how to do things rather than do it for them. Too often I see the parents around me too impatient for things to be done so instead of teaching their child how to accomplish the task they do it for them. They won't learn anything that way.

So when your kids wants to help at a young age, make it fun and teach them how to do things. Then they will be willing and able when they are adults. You can make if fun by putting on music and you all enjoying your self while cleaning or picking up. It totally helps. Makes good memories.

Also Dad's, if you have your child helping you around the house and you yell at them the entire time, all the remember is that they hated doing it and they didn't like doing it with you!
Tags: *observations of a people watcher, writer's block
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