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100 Things Challenge - 10 Movies - or 21

These are in no particular order and I couldn't limit myself to just 10 of these movies. There are so many movies I truly love and a few besides this that I haven't mentioned. These, however, are movies I can watch over and over because I love them so much.

1. The Notebook: I'm a sucker for a great love story and while I've not a fan of Allie cheating on her fiance, I did love the overall story being played out on the screen.

2. Gladiator: I always have a thing for men who are warriors and while I can't say I love Russell Crowe, I do love him in this movie. There is a scene where he is walking through a field of tall grass which is a crop of some sort. It reminds me so much of where I live.

3. Amelie: Romantic yet hilarious. Amelie was such a treat even though I'm not partial to having to read my movies. Still it was so great and a really sweet romance. I did love how her meddling improved things for people.

4. Jaws: Gosh the first scary movie I ever saw. My dad pretty much didn't consider what to get me for my birthday and so he brought me his old TV and when I hooked it up in my room and was getting some channels. I was happy. So one weekend I watched movies. Jaws being among them. Never really scared but loved it.

5. Jurassic Park: You can't tell me you weren't totally fascinated when this movie came out. I mean to think that dinosaurs could exist somewhere out there. What a brilliant idea. Of course, at the same time we all knew there was no way we could possibly control dinosaurs that big or deadly! You never see a rippling puddle the same.

6. Cold Mountain: I have yet to read this book but it is on my Kindle and it if is anything like the movie it will be a favorite of mine. I loved the characters and the romance. Ruby was a great character though I was wanted these two (above) to live happily ever after. Such a good movie and worth the watch. I finally own it and now can watch it until I wear it out.

7. Benny and Joon: People were surprised that Johnny Depp was so funny in Pirates of the Caribbean but I saw Benny and Joon and knew he was funny. Great love story but also so much hilarity it is great! You have to see this. I still want to make grilled cheese sandwiches Sam's way!

8. The Avengers (2012): Love superhero movies but I've never been a huge fan of the Batman movies, new or old, and I've never been that into Spiderman. I loved Thor and Captain America and Iron Man but put them all in one movie and you have an epic wonder. The only superhero movie I sqee'ed more over was X-Men because I adored the cartoons and loved Wolverine, could anyone play him better than Hugh Jackman? But come on, we all saw the epic greatness of this superhero movie and I for one plan on owning it and wearing it out.

9. Beauty and the Beast: I love Disney cartoons and have probably seen a vast majority of them (just saw Pocahontas recently - dumb). Still the love story between The Beast and Belle and always been so beautiful to me and I enjoyed this movie so much more than others though I still love Aladdin and The Little Mermaid a lot.

10. Moulin Rouge: Let me tell you I had no desire to watch this movie but was forced into it by my cousin. Thank you Lori! Such a wonderful movie with a brilliant soundtrack and a wonderful love story.

11. Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken: Okay in 7th grade I had a Walking Pneumonia for about 3 months. I kid you not. I think I watched this movie everyday, mostly because I couldn't get to the VCR (very sick) and my mom wouldn't change it. I could probably recite this movie. Great romance and beautiful story from the 20s. It is a wonderful and very innocent movie.

12. Newsies: I don't know why? You can't expect and Newsies fan to explain the sheer joy they get from this movie but hello baby faced, sing and dancing Christian Bale. Yes, Christian Bale! The movie was a flop but the DVD and the Broadway production are still going strong. Just try it!

13. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: Hello, Indiana Jones! I loved them all (minus Crystal Skull) but Last Crusade was my favorite. I just loved it so much more than the other movies. I love adventure.

14. The Chronicles of Riddick: I liked Pitch Black and I loved watching the dangerous Riddick in the movie. I don't get it myself but go Vin! So when this movie came out, I was so happy (and looking forward to the new one with Katee Sackhoff). I like watching this movie. Riddick does things to my hormones.

15. Willow: Such a great fantasy story. I watched this a lot as a kid and would recommend it to anyone willing to watch it. Val Kilmar plays Mad Martegen which I had a serious crush on as a young girl and then there are the adorably funny Brownies. Watch it.

16. Poseidon Adventure (1972): Another movie I watched repeatedly as a child. I couldn't help it. I've always liked disaster like movies and I love a good adventure and I'm sorry but it totally made sense to move towards the bottom of the boat because clearly the boat was upside down... common sense people!

17. Rain Man: Do you remember this movie? I loved it. I always say I'm not a big fan of Tom Cruise and yet there are many of his movies I would say I love. This one stands out for some reason. I really need to rewatch it. It has been a while.

18. Labyrinth: Sometimes I think fan fiction started with this movie. I know a lot of people out there wanted Sarah and Jerreth to end up together which strikes me as just insane but ships... who can figure them out? Still it was a beautiful, strange and entralling fantasy movie.

19. Dances with Wolves: Again, not a big fan of Kevin Costner but I've always loved this movie. I tend to like frontier movies with Indians that are misunderstood and grand love stories.

20. Terminator 2: Hello! This is the perfect example of the sequel being better than the original. I loved Terminator but I could watch Terminator 2 a dozen time or more without stopping... well maybe a stop here and there. I loved this movie. I loved the action, the redemption and Sarah Conner was kick ass! (PSST My icons if from the TV show)

21. A League of Their Own: I must have watched this movie a 100 times when we got the VHS as kids. So good. The cast is so great. You know that blonde he tells there is no crying in baseball is Sherona from Monk, right? And Madonna and Rosie O'Donnell, and Tank Girl! Plus Bill Pullman my Newsies man is in it. Loved that. And it is a Tom Hanks movie. It is so rare for him to do a movie that is bad.

Watch them all!

1. Favorite TV shows and why
2. Favorite fandom pairings
3. Favorite toys from the past and why
4. Favorite songs and why
5. Favorite books and why
6. Favorite movies and why
7. Favorite actresses/actor and why
8. Favorite character from a TV show/Movie and why
9. Favorite possession you would take with you to a dessert island
10. Favorite personal memories
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