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Sacramento: K9 Police Dog Shot in Line of Duty

This was so upsetting to me. Honestly, I hate hearing that a police officer or a firefighter is injured in the line of duty but I have far more emotional reactions to animals being harmed. To hear that a Police Dog was shot persuing a suspect was upsetting and I didn't hear about it until days after.

The report I saw had a very emotional vet saying he was stunned by Bodie's improvements. You can read more about that HERE. I'm rather happy that Bodie's partner opened fire on the suspect who shot Bodie (even if any death is sad). I don't care how anyone views an animal. Police Dogs are police officers, they work hard and in most cases end up getting hurt protecting their human partners. They don't know if Bodie will be able to return to duty even after he's healed but I'm beyond positive that he'll have a home with his partner, who has stayed by his side non-stop at the vet hospital giving Bodie the will to survive and heal.

Joseph Maloof (owner of the Sacramento Kings basketball team) is donating money to Bodie's Sacramento unit for another K9 Dog because he says, “I have always loved dogs & it truly was amazing to watch these dogs train. In appreciation [sic] of what the K9 unit does & in honor of Bodie."

http://youtu.be/0dNoxcum4Yk (to view video about Bodie's recovery)

You can donate money for Bodie's recovery and reconstructive surgeries. It's expected to cost upwards of $25,000. This heroic dog saved an officer's life. His condition is improving. It's no longer critical. But he is not out of the woods.

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