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May 11 2012 @ 12:12 pm
Season Finales: Castle and Vampire Diaries  
Okay so I can't wait to talk about this stuff so I'm going all secret behind the spoiler cut because like I said I can't wait to talk about Castle and The Vampire Diaries!

Castle was a very good episode and I'm so excited it got picked up for another season. And wow wouldn't you know it but Nathan is just awesome in this show and....

[Serious Spoilers for Castle (click to open)]
Can you even believe what happened? I'm so so so freaking happy that Beckett went to him at the end and just told him. "I just want you." YES! I'm so excited and I'm really hoping they have a plan for next season because once the main characters get together things tend to go bad but I think they could do it with some fantastic writing.

And could Castle be any sweeter by telling Beckett that for 4 years he's brought her coffee just to see her smile. *dies* I love that man. And I get the sneaking suspicion that whether you call him Richard Castle or Nathan Fillon he is one and the same. I mean last weeks episode with Alexis and him playing laser tag was great and I get the feeling that is very Nathan.

But a moment I truly loved was Beckett dangling from the side of the building (hello green screen) and hearing Ryan calling her name only to believe that it is Castle who she starts calling out too. And did you noticed even before that his name spilled from her lips. YES! She's so in love with him.

The kicker in all of this is that Beckett resigned from the force so what will next year be like if she's not a cop? My guess is that the Captain conveniently ignores that grand statement by our lovely Katie.

As always Damon of The Vampire Diaries makes me watch him the very night his lovely show airs because there is just something about this unpredictable vampire that makes me swoon. And then there is Caroline. She's bubbly, sweet and everyone's best friend. I can't help myself, she's got to be my 2nd favorite vampire on this show.

[This spoils every detail of Vampire Diaries so click to open at your own risk...]
Now, did you see what I saw in the previous episode which was that Elena totally hit her head and super hard. My first reaction was hematoma (?) but when Doc said she was fine; I bought into it despite my better judgement. We all know the good doctor is feeding patients vampire blood and I wonder how many people leave only to die somehow and come back as craving blood.

Elena has to pick and we are told we will totally know the answer to the "Who will she pick?" question at the end of this episode and yet I'm still fuzzy on some things. First, Elena does tell him, "Maybe if we'd met first?" And then we see that is exactly what happened. Damon was goofing off and ran into a very innocent Elena who he compelled not to remember him. So they totally met first which doesn't mean a thing if Elena can't remember.

But here is the thing. Elena died and the good doctor gave her vamp blood because she did have a hematoma after all. So when she wakes in that last fateful second.... she a vampire, right? And as we learned with Caroline, that means the previous compulsions wear off and they remember that the person did that to them. Remember how pissed Caroline was a Damon? So Elena did pick Stefan but she met Damon first. So frankly I have no idea how this is going to go and I think they left it open to the question... Stefan or Damon?

Now, Elijah. Love that guy. Yes, he's stepped on their toes and betrayed them a couple times but he's a goodie and I adore him. Rebekah not so much. But Alaric going after Klaus was a big deal. But then Alaric actually manages to kill Klaus and we only see Tyler suffering which means that Klaus lied about siring Katherine's line, right? Oh so wrong. What the hell, Bonnie? She sacrificed Tyler for Klaus. That is such a bad idea. Now not only do we still have Klaus wandering around be he's disguised as our trustworthy Tyler who is Caroline's man. Uh wow, that is far to go to get the girl, Klaus.

But in a truly inept vampire moment, we see Stefan rescuing Matt because Elena wants him to help Matt over her. Hello, vampire super strength where he can pull Matt out and then rip off Elena's seatbelt and pull her along too. Come on, seriously, a vampire can only save one drowning victim at a time. Thought vampires didn't even have to breathe? Big hole there. Still if Elena is no longer a vulnerable human that everyone has to protect at every moment.... kudos.

Now people tell me her annoying personality won't be amplified 100 fold because she bugs the hell out of me. *wink*

I can't believe how long we have to wait for more episode of these brilliant shows.
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Phoenixburned_phoenix on May 11th, 2012 09:29 pm (UTC)
I was thinking the exact same thing about the choosing and picking and remembering and vamping part *g*
and I guess it's the only way to make it interesting again next season after she basically made a choice. so, now it's all open again.

and I kinda stopped reading after that cause my eyes are closing on me, but I'll try to et back to it tomorrow :)
Jill aka Jo: TVD: Caroline and Klaus dancingsireesanwar on May 12th, 2012 12:27 am (UTC)
Pretty much what I was thinking. They had to do something to keep our interest though I've heard the have a 6 season plan.

Phoenixburned_phoenix on May 15th, 2012 09:59 am (UTC)
finally read the rest of this :D

and yes, the whole rescuing matt thing was spotty. he just had to rip her seat belt off, she was conscious, she could have swam, she wasn't stuck or anything! that would have been like the flick of a wrist... but yeah, I'm looking forward to less demsel in distress-ness :D

I wonder, how are they (bonnie and klaus/tyler) gonna explain that tyler isn't dead if klaus is? isn't that a bit suspicious. let alone what she was thinking. and yeah, eww, pour caroline. that's such a mean thing on her. :s
Jill aka Jo: TVD: Elena and Damon smilesireesanwar on May 15th, 2012 06:03 pm (UTC)
Thank goodness I'm not the only one to see that. I mean she could have swam out of there on her own steam and if not Stefan could have helped her. Did they even tell us about Matt? I can't remember.

I think they are going to explain it as his werewolf half saved him which would totally make sense still I don't know what to think except maybe Bonnie isn't Bonnie after that powerful spell she worked.
Phoenixburned_phoenix on May 20th, 2012 08:59 am (UTC)
I don't know, where did we see matt last? *thinks hard* I don't know :D

ok, I'm good with the werewolf theory :D and yeah, either bonnie got taken over too, or she had enough of it all and turned into a selfish bitch. we'll see :D
Jill aka Jo: TVD: Caroline and Klaus dancingsireesanwar on May 22nd, 2012 11:20 pm (UTC)
I'm not sure they told us anything about Matt or what he's up too. That is very frustrating.

I'm rather hoping that Bonnie has been taken over but I don't know if I can stand anyone just being selfish on this show anymore.
Phoenixburned_phoenix on May 23rd, 2012 10:50 am (UTC)
yeah, I know what you mean :D
Ceciliecila81 on May 11th, 2012 10:55 pm (UTC)
I don't know what to make of the finale really, I loved it and hated it at the same time. Of course she chose Stefan, I wouldn't have expected anything else. But since she's now a vampire I would hope that means it won't be the end of the love triangle. I would be super pissed if that were the case after the way they've stringed along the Delena fans this season, talk about misleading!

Anyways, what got me worried and even more annoyed is that Julie Plec said we will see Elena and Stefan together in season four. Which makes it seem that Elena turning into a vampire and remembering Damon's compulsion doesn't change a thing, it will still always be Stefan. *shakes head*

Edited at 2012-05-11 10:55 pm (UTC)
Jill aka Jo: TVD: Elena and Damon smilesireesanwar on May 12th, 2012 12:30 am (UTC)
Yes. I am really hoping that won't be the end of this and I could see Elena having to learn blood drinking and all that from Stefan. We all know Damon would make it a bit evil.

I'm actually hoping she'll decide that she wants Damon cause they did meet first.
Ceciliecila81 on May 12th, 2012 10:36 am (UTC)
I really hope so too! :)
Angelserenitysangel on May 12th, 2012 12:33 am (UTC)
There were definitely a few OMG moments in TVD

1. So mega pissed at Elena picking Stefan. WTF! Always Stefan. And I hate the fact that she knew Damon was alone and that it would mean he died alone (if it had turned out that way). But she choice still to go say goodbye to Stefan, Tyler and Caroline - at least they wouldn't have been alone. But Damon was...Argh! She doesn't deserve Damon anyway. And OMG makes me even angrier as we learn it was Damon she met first!


2. Honestly was surprised that they did kill Klaus - well his body so to speak...I kept thinking it wouldn't happen. ALso as far as what Bonnie did, I don't think she choice Klaus over Tyler, but more that she sacrificed the one (Tyler) to save Elena and Caroline - her best friends, and her mother. The unfortunate price meant Klaus alive and Tyler gone...

Not sure what it now means for Caroline and Tyler - I mean Klaus can't show himself to Caroline otherwise they'll know something is up and that Klaus isn't dead...Also don't want Caroline on the run!

3. Sad about Alaric...I know they turned him bad but underneath that all he was still a good guy and I will miss Ric :(

4. So, the ending...pretty much fits with how it goes in the books - with Elena ending up a vampire...I have to say I was going WTF when they just let her out of the hospital like that. I mean...as Jeremy pointed out she was bleeding, which indicates a hematoma...So the fact she was okay was a little odd, but good mis-direction as it didn't really occur to me that the doctor used vamp blood on her. Will be mighty interesting to see what happens in the next season!

But honestly I just want Damon over Elena...For gods sake she is not worth it! Let her end up with Stefan and they can be all wishy-washy and pathetic together.
Jill aka Jo: TVD: Vampire Damonsireesanwar on May 12th, 2012 12:43 am (UTC)
1. I'm with you 100%! Elena is too stupid to be with our beloved Damon. Why would she leave him to die alone.

2. I kind of understand Bonnie's decision but at the same time I don't think anyone is going to be happy. And I feel bad for Tyler.

3. Forget about Alaric. That upset me. I loved Ric. I did like his last moment of beating Damon to go to dying and Damon clearly upset about it for Eric's sake and because of what it meant.

4. I haven't read the books but I have been wanting her turned so she is a liability to everyone. Yes, we need someone awesome fir Damon. Someone he can heat up the screen with.
Angelserenitysangel on May 13th, 2012 09:36 pm (UTC)
1. Exactly! My first thought was at least the others aren't alone. Damon is all alone and shouldn't have to die alone...But not Elena, she only thinks about herself and what she wants. GRRR!

2. I do understand her choice too. But I have to wonder how much of that was Bonnie and how much of it is dark magic. My concern is that spell she cast to petrify Klaus is going to corrupt her. Abby warned her that doing that kind of spell was dangerous because you had to tap into dark magic to do it...

3. I know poor Damon! :(

4. Word!
Jill aka Jo: TVD: Vampire Damonsireesanwar on May 15th, 2012 12:13 am (UTC)
1. Selfish ELENA!

2. They did show that stuff all over her when she was doing the spell and I'm afraid she's not Bonnie at all anymore.

3. Yes, poor Damon.

4. *lol*
daxcat79: Castle:  Without Youdaxcat79 on May 12th, 2012 01:43 am (UTC)
Castle broke my heart when he just put himself out there and Beckett just pushed him aside! I was soooo relieved she came back and told him she wanted him! :D
Jill aka Jo: Castle: Beckett/Castle kisssireesanwar on May 14th, 2012 08:58 pm (UTC)
I hear ya. I was so saddened she didn't just grab him and kiss him but she made up for it in the end. *sigh*