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The Price of Pleasure by Kresley Cole (2)

Title: The Price of Pleasure
Series: Sutherland Brothers, 2
Author: Kresley Cole
Pages (or KB):
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Book Description:
Kresley Cole returns with a breathtaking romantic saga of love, honor, and passion unbound -- as a man of duty faces his greatest trial, and a young castaway discovers her greatest desire....

A man noted for his courage and integrity, Captain Grant Sutherland journeys to Oceania to find Victoria Dearbourne, an English girl lost at sea a decade before. He's given her ailing grandfather his word -- as a gentleman -- to find and protect her. But one look at a grown Victoria and Grant has never felt less like one.

Tori relishes freedom, untamed passion, and spontaneity above stifling order. Even more so when a proud, cold British captain arrives to rescue her, though she has no wish to be. As Grant tries to convince her to leave her island home, she begins to see in him a man hungering for more. A man who once laughed. A man who desires her but won't take what she offers.

Grant struggles to control his own savage passions -- and fails, Tori must decide what she wants more -- her unfettered independence or the only man who could tame her wild heart....

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While I truly loved the first book of this series, I can't help but think that Cole improved on the brothers with Grant. His controlled manner makes for a fascinating read because Victoria's presence makes him lose control. All the nuances of Cole's characters suck you in and make you cheer for them.

Victoria and Cammy are great characters. The fact that they've been ship wrecked for eight years is fascinating and just goes to show you that woman are capable. Victoria is hilarious in her pursuit of Grant and in her escape attempts on the island. But you start to see that not only did Victoria have to be strong but she is strong as she takes on her families estate after returning from the sea.

Cole doesn't fail in making her characters strong but in doing so many author remove the side of such a strong character that is a weakness. Cole doesn't seem to make this mistake and gives all of her strong and capable characters the ability to have a weakness without destroying the very nature of the character.

The supporting characters are great too!

Book in the Series:
The Captain of All Pleasures
The Price of Pleasure
Tags: books, books: reviewed, genre: historical fiction, genre: historical romance, genre: romance, ~author: kresley cole, ~rating: 4.5
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