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‘Terra Nova’ canceled by Fox; studio shopping it to cable to keep Spielberg-produced show alive

'Fringe' and 'Alcatraz' also have gloomy forecasts at network

The ambitious dinosaur drama "Terra Nova" has gone extinct, at least on the Fox network.

Steven Spielberg's expensive sci-fi series only lasted one rocky season, drawing modest ratings that apparently weren't sufficient to offset its high costs.

20th Century Fox, which produced the series, says it will shop it to other networks to keep it alive. That's considered a longshot, though, because cable networks have lower budgets than the broadcast networks.

The premise of "Terra Nova" is that man by the 22nd century has screwed up the Earth so badly that the planet is dying and humanity's only hope is to time-travel back 85 million years and start over again.

The new civilization, called Terra Nova, was a huge compound surrounded by the other inhabitants of that earth, including dinosaurs.

The human settlers had brought modern conveniences with them, but unfortunately they also brought many of their problems, including the antagonistic relationships and instincts that helped doom their more recent civilization.

"Terra Nova" got off to a rocky start when production problems forced Fox to postpone its original premiere date, and when it did debut, many sci-fi fans said they were disappointed by early storylines.

The departure of "Terra Nova" and the likely demise of several other Fox dramas, including "The Finder" and quite possibly "Fringe" and "Alcatraz," means Fox could have openings for a number of new shows in the fall.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/television/terra-nova-cancelled-fox-studio-shopping-cable-networks-spielberg-produced-show-alive-article-1.1033800#ixzz1oMiNgdJs
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