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Movies of Late

Okay so I've seen a bunch of movies of late and I wanted to share some thoughts. If you haven't watched these movies this may spoil it for you!


The Grudge
American Dreamz
Must Love Dogs
Joyeaux Noel (Merry Christmas)

The Grudge
Sorry to the friend who recommended this movie! Think that was gaelbrady. I just didn't like this movie. I mean I did like that it was much more of a phycological thriller rather than a horror film but I just didn't really like it. First off, I thought Sarah Michelle Gellar was aweful. And the scary "spirits" or "curses" looked like CGI. Now that black whatever it was coming from the corner was neat looking and started to freak me out. The cat screeching from the boy was strange. Maybe I'm missing something like the meaning of things but I really just didn't like the movie.

The ending was so obvious too. She's there with the body of her boyfriend but then he is the girl and then not again. Of course, she's in the morgue and the "spirit" is behind her. I just felt it was too obvious and of course they saved the stupid house.

American Dreamz
Just so everyone knows, all the funny parts are in the trailer for the movie. It wasn't really that funny though I admit to laughing on several occasions. I love Hugh Grant and this was just such a let down. Probably the only thing I really liked was that in the end... her annoying boyfriend blew himself up! Yes, I said it. He was just too annoying and Sally (played by Mandy Moore) was so self-centered it was like nails on a chalkboard. You wanted to hit her every time she spoke.

The terrorist bits were a little funny though wrong some how. I mean it really isn't a joke but I understand they are just trying to make light of something that worries people. Still, some of it was just a bit over the top.

Must Love Dogs
Okay, I can't say this movie is worth your time but I actually enjoyed it. I would watch it again. I laughed, I sympathized and I considered doing the on-line dating thing for about 5 minutes before I chucked it. So the premise is that Sarah is divorced and her entire family is trying to set her up so she doesn't end up alone. Her sister puts her on a dating site and she starts dating.

The most annoying thing is she considers one of her pre-schooler's sleeky father's just because he's sooo cute. Yes, he's good looking but the kid already told her "Daddy likes women." So he's a sleeze-ball and she should steer clear.

Jake insults her within 5 minutes of meeting her but you know it is the nervous foot in the mouth thing... and he intrigues her. It bothered me that they wasted so much time getting together and the whole "Must Love Dogs" in their profile was insane because neither one had a dog! Convinently, each was always with a dog that was either a friends or her brother's. I mean I see my cousin's puppy all the time but I don't take him places. This seemed weird to me.

Still, I found the movie funny, uplifting and worthy my time. Of course, if my mother ever started dating and brought 3 dates to dinner I would have to put my foot down! Geez!

Joyeaux Noel (Merry Christmas)
Joyeaux Noel is set in 1914 during WWI. On the battlefield the Scots and French make a Christmas Eve truce with the German soldiers. This is told from the persective of each set of men so there is a lot of different perspectives on the war but over all it is a movie about people not being all that different.

The German's Tenor sings Silent Night to his troops (he is also a soldier) and the Scots join in with their bagpipes. The French join in and before you know it they are laying aside their arms for Christmas. They you have the men taking Mass together, drinking together, sharing photos of their families and helping to get letters to each other's families. They are now all soldiers, people... and feel a little less like enemies.

After Christmas, they can't bring themselves to shoot at each other and end up taking shelter from bombings in each others trenches. Of course, the PTB's don't like this and they are all reassigned but there on that field they were one.

This movie had plenty of simple humor and joy. It was well worth reading the subtitles for the French and German lines. If you watch... keep an eye on the cat because his part is funny! Also, the story that these men come to see each other as friends shows you that while you see yourself as being so different from those you consider different... the truth is your not. Watch this MOVIE!
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