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Amazon! You Suck!

Do you know what a person looks like who is prevented from getting to their books? Think hyperventilating. Think panic, pandamonium. It was an awful sight to see. A grown woman crying, making deals with an inanimate object only to turn on said object with threats of dismemberment (which is clearly impossible) only to revert to apologizing and coaxing once again. Very sad.

My Kindle Fire died. Oh yes, I'm not even close to kidding. After I got it, I downloaded a few free apps then downloaded my only Kindle book (Outlander, in case you wondered - I got it for free), and then proceeded to upload a few other books that I have so I could finish the Hush Hush Series.

When I got home I played Majong, Angry Birds, and Solitaire and then put it down to charge. I planned to start the reading process that night.

But at 10pm when I went to use it...

Me: press on button
Fire: black screen *snidely*
Me: press, press, press, press
Fire: black screen *mockingly*
Me: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Needless to say, I dreamt of my Kindle turning on in the middle of the night. Rather ridiculous dreams of me being so happy and reading.

So this morning I went to Amazon support which explains how to do a reset of the Kindle if your screen is frozen. Does black count as frozen? We'll try it anyway. Holding on button for 20 seconds. Let go. Watch Kindle and then press on. BLACKNESS!

Called Amazon and the are sending a replacement. It should be here by December 3. WTF? Why so long. The answer is this... it is a no rush issues. WTF? Of course, you should rush it too me. I paid money for this dang product and it is useless. You should always rush replacements for faulty items.

But it is not to be and I just wanted it over with. I said okay and checked my email to see if the return label for my NEW Kindle Fire Paperweight was there and went to package everything back up only to realize my Kindle Fire was really warm to the touch (obviously taking it's name far to seriously). I don't know what is going on but I'm glad it is going back though I'm thinking Mission Impossible with the device emitting smoke.

Could you picture the panic for that UPS driver when the Kindle Fire lives up to it's name.

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