Jill aka Jo (sireesanwar) wrote,
Jill aka Jo

I got money back for buying things online!

Have you ever heard of Ebates.com? You go to there site click on a link for the site you will be purchasing from. You will get cash back on that purchase. Sometimes they have coupons or both.

I haven't made too many purchases from them but I'm getting a $10 check in the mail which is so cool! I can't wait. Maybe I'll put that towards my Kindle Fire. Yeah the sucky thing is that Amazon is not one of the places you can use but Target, Barnes and Noble, Drugstore.com (where I get vitamins and discounted items I can't find rurally), Cell Phone companies, all kinds of places! Go check it out.

And if 5 of my friends sign up I get cash back and you can do the same thing. Get you friends to sign up for cash back and so they are making money off the purchases they are already going to make!

Tags: fyi, fyi: contests, fyi: great deals, sharing, sharing: websites
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