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Personhood Amendment 26

Granted I know sooo many of you will disagree with this Amendment but I have read recently how this Amendment will make birth control illegal and miscarriages a prosecutable offense. I just wanted to state that you shouldn't believe everything Mississippi for Healthy Families is telling you. If you want to know the truth go to the sites that are pro. Read the Amendment. It isn't about stopping people from using birth control or having miscarriages.

This Amendment is trying to state that once a child is conceived by any means, it is a person. I believe this to be true. You don't have to agree with me but don't spread the scare tactic lies.

NO ONE in their right mind would try to prosecute a woman who has suffered a miscarriage. They suffer so much and I feel like this scare tactic is heartless in it's nature. Get you facts right.

Women Being Prosecuted After Miscarriages
This article was brought to my attention by a gal who is against this Amendment: Outcry in America as pregnant women who lose babies face murder charges.

Case #1: If you read the article this girl is being prosecuted because her substance abuse is likely the cause of her child's death. I'm am on the fence about this but at the same time it disgusts me when women drink, do drugs, or smoke while pregnant. I do think they are committing a crime. One my own sister is guilty of. These people who are against this worry about the cost of not killing babies but someone like my niece who was a drug baby has incurred tons of medical bills because her mother harmed her before she was even born.

Still, should the girl be prosecuted? Not sure about that but honestly if they can prove her baby died because of the drugs then technically she killed her child. Just because an addiction is a "sickness" doesn't mean you aren't responsible for your actions.

Case # 2: What about the woman who tried to commit suicide? She took rate poison. I believe she killed her child and should be held accountable. If you try to commit suicide and kill another person in the process, you will be charged, but because this child has yet to be born (another words, not given the chance to learn, grow and love) it isn't the same? How is that logical? We were all once those unborn babies. I was a person from the time I was conceived and until the day I die and I believe that about everyone.

Case #3: What about the woman who did nothing and is being charged? First, we don't know all facts in the case, but I'm going to assume what we read it the entirety of the situation. That DA should be ashamed. If this article is true that nothing that woman did is criminal. So she is the person to be behind. Having said taht I found this artivles online about this woman.

Enough meth for an adult woman would seriously harm or even kill a small baby. And if the article is believed she did supply a baby with that dosage.

It is funny that they use this as an example in the first article but don't state that she admitted that. And if they are lying then that is very sad but what if they aren't?

I tend to believe that looking at every miscarriage for a crime is rather disgusting, but in the cases of drug users and suicides I understand it. Besides a miscarriage is a natural reaction of the body when the baby isn't viable. Taking a substance that harms the baby is not the definition of a miscarriage.

Birth Control
What the public at large calls birth control is in jeopardy. But that would be the "birth control" pills that destroy the baby that was conceived. If you are taking something to prevent conception those are not even close to being at risk.

I know many of you won't like that but there is a difference. This amendment is opposing abortion in all forms not conception.

I don't know a lot about this subject but this is an article that was shared with me.

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