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Finally A Feature I Can Get Behind

Remember all those times you went to a community and stumbled upon icons or stories by one LJ user but it is impossible to find all there posts amongst the thousands posted. LJ has added a new community feature and it is worth posting about. Originally posted at news :
Features and changes
Sort community posts by user - We've added navigation options which allow you to more easily sort community entries by poster! The 'Sort by poster' option now appears in the Navigation Strip when you're viewing a community. Roll your mouse over or click 'Filter' on the navigation strip, type in a username, press 'Enter', and voila! You can now view all the posts created by the specified user in the community. Additionally, when you're viewing a community, the menu which appears when you hover over a person's userpic will also include an option to view entries in that community by that poster.

That isn't the only new feature they've come up with and this one I also appreciate and am grateful that it wasn't just implemented.
Improved post sharing/promotion functionality - We've incorporated a variety of buttons which can be used by to easily share or promote entries on FaceBook, Google Buzz, Twitter, and vKontakte. Additionally, we've included a button which allows other users to donate LiveJournal Tokens to you. Please note, these buttons are not displayed by default. Instead, you can opt to add them to any entry by including the <lj-like> tag.

The default <lj-like> tag will display all available buttons. You may also customize which buttons are displayed in the post. For example, <lj-like buttons="fb,go"> will only include buttons for FaceBook and Google Buzz. The two-letter code for each available service is as follows:
Google Buzzgo
LiveJournal Donatelj

In action, using the <lj-like> tag will look like this, depending on the buttons you've selected to show:

You can hit any of those buttons to use them. I didn't show you Google Buzz or vKontakte because I don't flow with those. Now they need a button that reposts this to your LJ.
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