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Hot off the presses, Thrones Casting and a show cancellation

Winter is coming April 15, 2012!
Game of Thrones Casting
Have you heard that Natalie Dormer has been cast as Margaery Tyrell, the sister of Loras Tyrell (aka Knight of Flowers, and Renly Baretheon’s lover and supporter in his quest to take the throne from King Joffrey and the rightful heir, his brother Stannis)? Natalie played Anne Boleyn on The Tudors.

Starz has cancelled its Arthurian fantasy Camelot after one season, reports EW.com.

Camelot received middling reviews from critics and had somewhat ho-hum ratings, averaging less than a million viewers per episode. The lavish series also had trouble generating much buzz after it launched alongside HBO’s breakout fantasy Game of Thrones and Showtime’s better-reviewed historical drama The Borgias. Starz’ genre fans can at least look forward to the upcoming Torchwood and the return of Spartacus next year.

More on Thrones..


In an interview available on HBO’S website, the creators of the show David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have given some hints as to what we can look forward to when the second season airs next year:


BENIOFF: “[...] we’ve got all sorts of worlds to introduce the audience to. From Harrenhal, this legendary and haunted old castle, to Qarth, the city where Daenerys spends much of the season. And on and on.[...]“

BENIOFF: “A lot of season 1 is about characters figuring out who they are and what they’re after. So in Season 2, you see them starting to fulfil their destinies. Daenerys Targaryen started out Season 1 as this timid little girl and ends it as a warrior queen. Now she’s intent on winning back what’s rightfully hers – the Seven Kingdoms. Jon Snow is marching north with the Night’s Watch to find out what the hell is going on up there and unravel those mysteries. His brother Robb is now the King of the North, and he’s on a mission of vengeance to march south and avenge his father’s death.”

WEISS: “And also Tyrion Lannister, along with his sister Cersei, are two of the most central figures in the second season. He’s always had the privilege of being the wry, sardonic presence who stays on the margins of things and doesn’t need to participate in the exercise of power. And now his father Tywin has thrust him into the position where he has to assume power and rule in his father’s stead, which is probably the last thing he’d want for himself. A lot of this next season details the way that he copes with that and perhaps comes to enjoy it to a certain extent. And I think Cersei is under a lot of pressure, as things are spiralling out of control. Her brother Jaime is Robb Stark’s prisoner, and she’s trying to hold her family together and protect her children, as war hurdles ever and ever closer to their doorstep.”

BENIOFF: “And with the birth of the dragons, magic has kind of returned to the world. We saw glimpses of it in the first season with the white walkers north of the Wall and obviously the dragons being hatched. This is a world where people haven’t seen much magic in the past few centuries, and they’re starting to think it’s just superstition at this point. And in the second season, it becomes more and more evident that there are supernatural forces at work. There are people who try to channel them for their own purposes, and there are those who desperately try to avoid them – or combat them.”

In another interview:

WEISS: “[...] So there are people offscreen in the book who we are going to write onscreen in the show to make sure people who viewers have fallen in love with are still there in the second season.”

BENIOFF: “[..] There’s fluidity in that certain scenes from the third book find their way into the second season just as certain scenes from the second book find their way into the end of the first season. We wanted to make sure those characters stayed in the audience’s mind and didn’t disappear for a whole year.”
The dragons also pose a problem. The CGI budget is going to have to increase but it seems that the dragons are not the only creatures to be computer-generated. An interview with VFX producer Lucy Ainsworth-Taylor revealed they would be “tackling CG creatures with fur, plus CG fire and water”. And fur means direwolves. Yes!
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