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The King's Speech

I completely forgot to talk about this movie and I feel I really should because it was an excellent movie and I'm even happier that Colin Firth
Colin Firth at the Nanny McPhee London premiere

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won best actor and the film got best picture.

Colin Firth did an excellent job playing King George VI. I mean I'm biased because I love Colin anyway but he was completely convincing in the role! You actually believed he had a speech impediment and stutter. To watch him retreat into that stutter when his brother started criticizing him. My goodness it was so excellent and I for one wanted to just cuddle him. (Plus, the side picture... damn that man is sexy! Normally I'm not into the facial hair but yum!)

Jeffrey Rush was excellent as Lionel Logue. I loved his take no bull from a royal attitude right from the beginning and calling the Prince (at the time) Bertie from the beginning. You see it so well from the perspective of the Prince thinking this man is taking liberties to be so informal but you also realize that Logue is trying to make the Prince at ease with him so they can get to the root of the problem with Prince Albert's stutter.

Helena Bonham Carter was wonderful as Princess/Queen Elizabeth. I loved her portrayal and I adored when she told him she loved his stutter because she thought the press would leave them alone. It was cute. Her supportive nature and loving attitude had to have gone far for King George and I believe in part she really was what helped him through everything. After all, Logue came into their lives because she persisted.

Of course, Logue was instrumental in helping a great king and I'm glad they made this movie because you got to see a wonderful friendship that helped a brave nobleman stand up and take care of a country. King George appeared to be very capable and intelligent when it came to ruling and Logue's assistance made that shine.

Such an excellent movie! I would highly recommend it!
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