Jill aka Jo (sireesanwar) wrote,
Jill aka Jo

10 Things I Hate

Ten things that start with M that I hate:

1. Moody People. Your great when your not barking at people but once you start biting your on the bad list

2. Measles... need I say more and thank you Kat!

3. Microsoft Error Messages! Grrrrrr

4. Mice - they live in the space between my ceiling and the roof tiles and they keep me awake!

5. Mornings. I like to keep dreaming.

6. Midnight... because that means I should stop reading and go to bed.

7. Michael Jackson. Sorry if your a fan but I've never been one and he's creepy...

8. Mosquitos (did I spell that right) - It is 50 degrees and there are two of these buggers in my house... can we say West Nile Virus???

9. Mondays! I want the weekend back.

10. Migraines! - Oh ouch!

Comment here and I will assign you a letter to use for your own ten things you hate. Post it here and then on your own LJ!
M is hard!!!!!

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