Jill aka Jo (sireesanwar) wrote,
Jill aka Jo

Fandom of Choice Meme

As told by your icons.
1. Give us the total icons you currently have on your account.
2. Break down your list from most to least tell use how many of each fandom you have icons wise.

Total Icons: 157

27 - Fringe
17 - Stock
11 - Cougar Town
10 - Castle
08 - Stargate (All), Star Trek (All), Disney, Vampire Diaries
07 - Sanctuary
06 - Supernatural
05 - Chuck
04 - Outlander, Muppets, Big Bang Theory, The Pretender, Various Comics
03 - Firefly, Games of Thrones
02 - Angel, Hawaii Five-0, V, Psyche
01 - Andromeda, Highlander, La Femme Nikita, Lost In Austen, Warehouse 13, Parenthood, Burn Notice, Sherlock, Various Actors

Hmm... says what I'm into right now. I can't believe I have that many Fringe Icons.
Tags: memes
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