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On No You Didn't.........

This has a serious spoiler for The Vampire Diaries episode The Last Day. So if you haven't watched it do not read any farther.
  1. First, I was very happy to see Tyler come back. Despite my dis about how dumb he was to turn his back on Caroline... I love them together and Matt is plotting against her.
  2. Whoa, Matt is having second thoughts. Now this I like. Despite there conceptions about Vamps, Caroline is still a great gal and not all evil and scary. Neither is Stefan. Damon... well that is up for debate.
  3. Hate Jules but I don't mind her being tortured or killed for Klaus's purposes.
  4. I loved that Tyler and Caroline got to talk but I'd wish he'd just admit it is hard to be around her when she wants Matt. Duh the boy is falling for her.
  5. So glad Jenna is in on everything. I loved the scene where she had Ric at crossbow point. And I'm overjoyed that Ric isn't dead. I like him.
  6. Damon making Elena drink his blood. I wanted to hate him but he's so in love with her that I get that he was feeling desperate. I did love that he started working to kind of make up for it because despite his actions he really cares what Elena thinks and part of me wants them together even though I know it will hurt Stefan and his relationship with Damon.
  7. So I think from last episode the idea is that Elijah was in love with Katherine. I'm thinking he might have a thing (mildly so) for Elena. She bugs me. Why do all the guys love her?
  8. Matt seeing Tyler change was great. I loved him saving Damon too. It was just great.
  9. Now my subject comes in... Jenna is in transition? She's a vamp now! OMG. I can't believe they did that.
  10. Damon got bit by Tyler!!!!!!!!! So help me if they kill Damon I'm never watching this show again and I think they know they will lose viewers so how the heck are they going to save him... I mean if the curse is lifted will that do something or what?
  11. Also, why am I liking Elijah?
Thats it. I feel so exhausted now.
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