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SPN: I think I need a Dork icon

Finally watched the latest episode of Supernatural. It was okay. I mean I did laugh a lot but I'm not sure I'm loving all the stuff they are pulling.
  1. I did love Dean's love of old movies and his desire to dress up like he was in the old west even though he was dressing up more like a Hollywood version of it.
  2. I love that Sam would only change his shirt and even then though he looked stupid.
  3. I loved that Gordon Michael Woolvett was the deputy/real bad guy.
  4. I adored that Sam sucks at riding a horse. That whole scene was just so wonderful.
  5. I loved the "nice blanket" comment.
  6. I loved Dean dressed in more authentic looking old west wear. I love Dean/Jensen and I love cowboys. How can combining the two be bad?
  7. I loved this alias's - Clint Eastwood and Walker - He's a Texas Wranger. *lol*
  8. I need an icon of Dean decked out in that blanket get up that says DORK. It just screams it.
  9. I can't tell you how much I loved the Star Trek talk. And Bobby I love you for saying you only watched DS9. Of course, at the same time I thought it was a little out of character for Dean to be the Trekker rather than Sam but then Dean would associate with Kirk.
  10. I did like them going back to Samuel Colt's train system and making a story out of the past stories.
  11. I liked that Colt sent the ashes to Sam but at the same time thought it a little cheesy.
  12. Loved the name of the episode. Got me wondering if the boys ever stop at Disneyland when they drive by? I mean couldn't the pirates come to life on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride?
  1. I hated Rachel from the bat.
  2. I'm pissed there is some secret about Cas and that because of it he killed an Angel that is on his side of the war.
  3. I'm made that Cas is dragging the boys and Bobby into his trouble but do love that he went to Bobby for help.
  4. I'm not sure how I feel about the 7th season of this show. I love Dean, Sam and Bobby and sometimes Cas but I feel like they are destroying something precious by continuing with lame stories.
Overall, I think I liked more about the show than I hated. It is sad that Cas is becoming the thing I like the least when I really liked him in the beginning of his time on the show.
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