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author proposes in print

I was watching the news this morning when they started talking about the Australian author Christopher Currie who proposed to his girlfriend in the acknowledgements of his new book.

It's one way to ensure your debut novel starts life with a bang: 28-year-old author Christopher Currie included a marriage proposal in the acknowledgements of his upcoming new mystery The Ottoman Motel.

After variously thanking his publisher, his friends, his bosses and his local coffee shop "for letting me occupy a table and nurse one of your brilliant coffees for almost the entire rewriting process", Currie finally moved onto his girlfriend, Leesa Wockner. "If it's possible to fall more in love with someone every day, then that's what I do," the Brisbane-based author wrote.

"To my favourite, to the reason I live my life, Leesa Wockner, who, if she reads this, I hope will agree to marry me, despite the number of commas in this sentence."

Happily for Currie, Wockner was able to overlook the commas and her answer was yes. He told Australian news site Crikey that he presented Wockner with the book while the pair were drinking champagne on a rooftop bar, and she saw the word "marry" straight away. "She said 'yes, of course I will', even before I got a chance to show her the ring (here's another thing: jewellers need to provide you with boxes with apparent hinges: I spent a good minute trying to get the box open under the table) and get down on one knee. I said, 'Are you sure?' which is another thing not to say when someone has agreed to marry you, but nonetheless it all worked out for the best," said the author.

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