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Morning Glory has to be one of the worst movies ever...


I like Rachel McAdams. I really do and while I did think she was adorable in the movie, overall the movie just stank. Despite Rachel's likable character the overall story was boring and drawn out. You end up caring very little about her job, which is the biases of the movie.

Patrick Wilson does a decent enough job in the role of the love interest. For someone in the media business he seems like a normal and down to earth guy. There is one moment when they are out that a beautiful blonde, model type comes up to flirt with Adam effectively scaring off Becky (McAdams). This hints at a playboy type nature that is never backed up. In fact, despite all of Becky's quirks and her obsessive nature over her job, Adam is determined to be with her.

You almost feel that this relationship will become important and then it never really does. The relationship that really becomes important is the one between Becky and Mike Pomeroy (Harrison Ford). Mike Pomeroy is a famous newsman who is still under contract with the horribly initial nextwork, IBS; only he's not working. They've basically fired him from air but are paying him.

Becky's solution to her budget problems is to get Pomeroy to be her morning show anchor which a stipulation in his contract prevents him from refusing. And then agonizing new ensues. Pomeroy wants real news while morning shows tend to be more light hearted. He refuses to do most of the stories and becomes a crutch to the ratings effectively tanking the show and causing Becky to be notified of their cancellation and her ruin.

And then Becky starts pulling stunts. Any ridiculous thing she can think of to get the ratings up. She also badgers and insults Pomeroy until he effectively helps with a breaking and great story. But even after that he's not willing to play ball, despite their ratings spike and the show being saved.

It isn't until Pomeroy realizes that this woman who truly does care about the show, his career and his friendship is tempted to another job that he bits the bullet and is willing to bring more of his personal life onto the show and join in on the pieces.

Becky is stunned, of course. It is practically a romantic moment but instead is more like a father and daughter moment. They only problem is it falls short. You don't care by the end. You're actually wishing she's leave the show and move onto a job where Pomeroy is nowhere in evidence. Plus the tedium of the workings of a morning show (despite being inaccurate) is not worth the 107 minutes they put us through.

To top it off Diane Keaton plays Colleen Peck, Pomeroy's co-anchor and while she delivers some great moments and lines, she's wasted in this movie. Keaton is a wonderful actress and comedian and she's really made a peripheral character in this movie.

It was truly a sad excuse for a movie and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
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