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I hate DishNetwork. Read and feel free to share...

Don't buy into DishNetworks adds that they have the best customer service.

I had to deal with DishNetwork today. So this is very true. My mom and I have the same system, set up and packaging. She' is being charged $11 more.

Called pretending to be her and they told me that a $6 charge was in case they needed to service the system. You pay them $72 a year so if they come out it only costs you $15 rather than around $100. Sounds good but I've never had to call them in for something getting broken and we've been with them for at least 5 years. When I told them this didn't used to be on the bill they informed me that they added it to the bill. Just added it without me approval? (well my moms)

The other $5 was for "TV2". This used to mean you had 2 receivers but they'll since gotten dual receivers so you only have the 1 box for two rooms and only 1 charge which is what we have. According to the worker it is "Because you have a second TV hooked up to the box."

FYI: Yes, my mom has a second TV hooked up to the box but so do we and we aren't paying $5 extra!

I suspect this is the "receiver plugged into the phone line" charge and they just don't want to test it to prove that she's plugged into a phone line.

You have to watch DishNetwork because they are notorious for ripping off their customers! I even went to there FaceBook page and people are commenting to their posts about what cheats they are.

I'm making this public so feel free to share because I would suggest paying a little more and going to an honest company.
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