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Jill aka Jo

Countdown Meme

snagged this from carpenyx.

Ten things you say every day:
1. Hello (to online buddy)
2. This is Jill how may I help you. (Sometimes when I'm not at work)
3. Sydney get down! (My cat)
4. Stupid cat! (when she starts scratching at the door, because she wants at her sisters food)
5. Oh Sadie's a pretty mama kitty. (my other kitty)
6. I love you!
7. Damn (comes up every day)
8. Are you sure? (Like to annoy people)
9. Aye (Ever since Outlander this has become permenant vocab.)
10. Whatever

Nine things you wear every day:
1. Underwear (heh)
2. Socks
3. Shoes
4. Shirt
5. Pants
6. glasses
7. Claire's Ring
8. Bra! - Hello!
9. Earrings

Eight movies you'd watch over and over:
1. 13th Warrior
2. 13 Going on 30
3. Family Man
4. Sound of Music
5. About A Boy
6. While You Were Sleeping
7. Stargate
8. Labryinth

Seven cds that matter:
1. Away From the Sun - 3 Doors Down
2. Radio Lia's Summer Mix
3. Creed's Weathered
4. Tim McGraw's Set This Circus Down
5. Sarah McLaughlin's Mirror Ball
6. Matchbox 20's Yourself of Someone Like You
7. Dierk's Bentley's Self Titled Album

Six objects you touch every day:
1. Blow Dryer
2. Computer
3. Glasses
4. Books
5. Cats
6. Car

Five things you do every day:
1. Brush my teeth
2. Sleep
3. Watch some TV
4. Love my kitties
5. Chat with friend (whether on LJ or in person/phone)

Three favorite songs at the moment:
1. Far Away by Nickleback
2. The Road I'm On by 3 Doors Down
3. Leave to Pieces by the Wreckers

Two things you could spend the rest of your life with:
1. Outlander Books
2. My soulmate!

One person who has influenced you most:
1. My oldest sister. (She made really poor decisions so I try to do the opposite)
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