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Guilty Pleasures meme

Now I tag:-
unightfog</lj>cila81</lj>chevellechik70</lj>larianelensar</lj>and violetinstincts</lj>

to complete this same Quiz, Its HERE.
What is yours?
Explain yourself
</td></tr><tr><td>Culinary: </td><td>Quarker Cheese Pack used to be Munchies</td><td>There is just something about the Quaker Oat squares, chex, cheese nips... yummy!</td></tr><tr><td>Literary: </td><td>Star Trek: The New Frontier</td><td>Peter David is awesome! I love Star Trek but don't read that many of the books... of course, if Peter David writes it. I read it. Also anything about Mknzy Calhoun!</td></tr><tr><td>Audiovisual: </td><td>ABC Soaps</td><td>I can't help my addictions to All My Children, One Live to Live and General Hospital. At first I only cared about GH. Jason was my love and I was fine with that. Of course, they had to add a ton of hot guys so now there is no turning back. Then OLTL had the whole Todd thing with the old Todd.. I was going to stop watching but Michael Easton's on! Love him! AMC was mostly for Mateo and Hayley and then it was about Jillian and Ryan... then Greenley... now I'm not sure why I put up with it!</td></tr><tr><td>Musical: </td><td>Ashely Simpson's Pieces of Me</td><td>I don't know why I like it, I just do. I love listening to it. I love singing it and I refuse to give it up.</td></tr><tr><td>Celebrity: </td><td>Dean Cain</td><td>I don't know why? Watched Lois and Clark and loved him. Then it was just an affinity for the man that I watch every stupid movie he has on TV. Course, I loved "I Do but I Don't."</td></tr></tbody>
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