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One Word meme

Oh, another meme!

I'm incredibly bored, should be studying but I'm mucking around LJ instead. Heh.

Snagged from carpenyx

Yourself: Me

Your Partner: No

Your Hair: Brown

Your Mother: Nutty

Your Father: Bastard

Your Favorite Item: Books

Your Dream Last Night: RONON!

Your Favorite Drink: Water

Your Dream Car: Working

Your Dream Home: Clean

The Room You Are In: Office

Your Ex: Loser

Your Fear: Lonliness

Where You Want to be in Ten Years: Married

Who You Hung Out With Last Night: Claire (as in Outlander books)

What You’re Not: Awake

Muffins: Cinnamon

One of Your Wish List Items: Highlander

Time: Dragging

The Last Thing You Did: Post

What You Are Wearing: Glasses

Your Favorite Weather: 70

Your Favorite Book: Outlander!

Last Thing You Ate: Soup

Your Life: Boring

Your Mood: Iffy

Your Best Friends: Lovely!

What Are You Thinking About Right Now: Ronon

Your Car: Smoking

What Are You Doing At The Moment: Yawning

Your Summer: Perfect

Relationship Status: Lonely

What Is On Your TV: House (Dang I deleted Heroes)

What Is The Weather Like: Warm

When Is The Last Time You Laughed: 10 (am not age)


Okay that was hard. I'm a long winded person so that wasn't as easy as I thought it might be.
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