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September 10 2010 @ 10:20 am
"Just doing my part in the neighborhood watch."  
So who watched Damon? Oops, I mean The Vampire Diaries. My goodness it was fantastic. I wanted more when it ended. I was just so happy to be watching Damon's angst again.


Well, we all knew Katherine was back and part of me was really happy that she tried to hurt John. While I love David Anders, but I'm so ready for John's departure.

And with the end of last season you expected for Jeremy to end up a vampire only that didn't work and then you started to suspect someone else was going to be turned. So you wonder about John and Jeremy. Then you start wondering about Caroline and things just go nuts.

Mostly I think Katherine made everything nuts but still! Damon was clearly spinning out of control over the whole thing but I loved the moment between him and Elena when he told her they kissed and then he realized it was Katherine. Also, totally in love with the moment he told Stefan. So great.

The end though. Damn. I can't believe Damon got so emotional because of Elena and Katherine and then killed Jeremy. Yay he was wearing the ring but wow. I can't believe he did that to Elena. And her profession of hatred for him. Man. And we thought Damon was starting to turn around a little.

Also, um... what is up with both gals thinking Stefan is the be-all end-all. Hello, I'd rather have Damon. And who saw the shippy moment at the wake with Damon and Bonnie. I mean if she can get over her hatred of him... just a thought.
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Angelserenitysangel on September 11th, 2010 09:19 pm (UTC)
Also, um... what is up with both gals thinking Stefan is the be-all end-all. Hello, I'd rather have Damon.

I couldn't agree more. Gods, I hate the character of Stefan so much. Him and Elena act like they are so good and noble and can do no wrong, makes me want to gag!

I'd happily see Damon and Bonnie together, that is if she can get over her hatred.

I am rather happy though that they're turning back with Damon being all the bad guy. I was worried there that tone him down and he'd be all sappy and good. I prefer my Damon bad, although what he did to Jeremy, holy cow! 0_0

Can't wait for more and I definitely think they're going to have Caroline be a vampire.

Poor Matt!
Jill aka Jo: SG1: Personal Recordsireesanwar on September 13th, 2010 06:57 pm (UTC)
Me too. Stefan is soo obnoxious. Me too. I mean granted they've done nothing compared to what Damon has done but I still love him.

I know. I think there is something to the Bonnie/Damon thing.

Oh yes, the Jeremy thing was too bad I think. Somehow he'll make up for it but still. Yeah, I love him a little bad too.

Me too. I can't wait until Thursday and poor Caroline and matt!