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Showtime Meme

I prompted nebakanezer  on the showtime meme so below is the list of actors and actresses she gave me.

1. James Spader - Stargate! I think this is where I discovered him. I mean I'm not a huge fan but I do love this movie.
2. Hugh Grant - Probably Brigitte Jones and About a Boy. Both great movies.
3. Denzel Washington - I really liked The Pelican Brief but I'm going to say the best was Much Ado About Nothing.
4. Shia LaBeouf - Transformers. Seems like everything after that sucked.
5. James Woods - Hercules cause I'm not a fan.
6. Leonardo DeCaprio - So many... What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Catch Me If You CanThe Aviator, and Inception. I can't say I loved Inception by Leo was great in it. My favorite is probably The Aviator though.
7. Will Smith - I loved Independence Day. It isn't the best movie ever but I loved it and I loved Will in it. His best movie is probably I Am Legend though. Still I would rather watch Independence Day.
8. James McAvoy - Totally, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the WardrobePenelope is a close second.
9. Brendon Fraser - I loved The Mummy and Extraordinary Measures, but I still love School Ties and With Honors the best.
10.Val Kilmer - Val rocked in Tombstone but The Saint is my favorite.

1. Helena Bonham Carter - Gosh, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, all the Harry Potters she's been in and Alice in Wonderland. The one I'm most likely to watch would be the Harry Potters.
2. Cate Blanchett - I think she was beyond brilliant in The Aviator.
3. Jennifer Lopez - Selena though I haven't seen The Back-up Plan yet.
4. Kate Winslet - The Holiday
5. Kathleen Turner - Who Framed Roger Rabbit! Okay so I haven't watched many of her movies.
6. Molly Ringwald - The Breakfast Club!
7. Salma Hayek - Fools Rush In
8. Sigounrey Weaver - Ghostbusters I & II and Galaxy Quest
9. Catherine Zeta Jones - The Mask of Zorro
10. Julia Ormond - Legends of the Fall and Sabrina

Comment with “SHOWTIME!” and I will give you ten actors and ten actresses. Then post in your Journal with your favorite films of theirs.
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