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TV Meme Day 21-24

Because I'm so behind... a catch up post.

Day 21 - Favorite ship

By far my favorite ships are Michael and Nikita from La Femme Nikita, Castle and Beckett from Castle, Fred and Wesley from Angel. Michael and Nikita had this steamy hot attraction that got you every time. You were just routing for them the entire time. From day 1!

As for Castle and Beckett, well you just feel the chemistry and you know while Castle might be something of a ladies man, he would be great to Beckett. Come on Kate!

Fred and Wesley. Unrequited love that is finally realized about 5 episodes from the end of the series and then they are ripped apart again. Sucks. I hated it but I loved it. I wanted Fred and Wesley together since Fred hit the show and Wesley was all gaga over her. Oh how I hated that Wesley didn't have the guts to tell her he thought she was magnificent. But they were worth it.

Day 22 - Favorite series finale

Angel for the sheer wonder and awesomeness the cast and character personified. It was spectacular and sad all at once. I have to say the same for La Femme Nikita. My only complaint about that show ending was that it didn't seem like Michael and Nikita were really ending up together which is what I wanted the entire time. Still I think the point is that now they run Section or something? It has been awhile but I did love that we got an actual ending.

Day 23 - Most annoying character
I apologize to Office fans. No, I actually don't. I don't understand the appeal in the show and I can not stand Michael. The few times I've actually watched the show; I wanted to hurt him. Badly.

Rae on Stargate Universe. I have never disliked a character on a show I actually watch so much. I mean I groan every time she shows up. She is whiny. She is manipulative. She is completely delusional in thinking that overthrowing a military presence in such a dangerous situation is a good idea. And I think somehow she is a traitor. She'd be my choice. Maybe Young should leave her on a stranded planet.

Day 24 - Best quote

Friends - Chandler: "Not just a hat rack my friends." I quote this all the time.
Firefly - Jane: "I call her Vera." - *tears from laughing* I just loved this moment and I like quoting it.

Day 25 - A show you plan on watching (old or new)
Day 26 - OMG WTF? Season finale
Day 27 - Best pilot episode
Day 28 - First t.v show obsession
Day 29 - Current t.v show obsession
Day 30 - Saddest character death
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