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TV Meme Day 15: Favorite Female Character

Again I have more than one.
1. Kara Thrace aka Starbuck of Battlestar Galactica. You just don't understand that Starbuck IS Battlestar Galactica unless you've watched the show. She's kick ass, take charge and vulnerable all at the same time. Her character has the most dynamic with the most characters. The show really does become a lot about Starbuck and her reactions, relationships, and overall well being. But the show never loses it's focus on the big picture and neither does Starbuck. She's by far one of the best female characters out there.

2. Nikita of La Femme Nikita. You have no idea. She's the assassin with a heart and soul. She's in an impossible situation (being accused of a murder she didn't commit and sentenced to death) only to wake up in an anti-terrorist faction that basically owns her. They only way to leave... Die. Yet through the show you see that Nikita keeps her edge and her morals while still doing what has to be done. She brings a conscious to Michael and some of the others all while working to better the world and stop Section One from ruining everyone's lives. Yeah, Nikita, you rock.

3. Samantha "Sam" Carter of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. It doesn't matter her rank or whether or not she's in charge or taking orders. She's smart, capable and pretty. She's a total package career woman and one people would be proud to see as a role model. And the best part for me is that she seems like anyone you could be friends with. I've always seen her as a stand out female character.

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