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March 30 2010 @ 03:11 pm
How to Train Your Dragon...  
How to Train Your Dragon
I really thought the trailers for this movie sounded really cute but I felt the follow through left something to be desired. I mean the story was good enough and Toothless the Dragon was beyond adorable but I didn't enjoy Hiccup's character.

You would also assume Craig Ferguson being in the movie would mean it would be really funny and while he delivered most of the funny lines it just wasn't enough to really make it a funny movie.

It was an adventure though. I will give it that. The CGI was great and the 3D wasn't as overpowering as it was in Alice in Wonderland. I would say this was cute enough that renting it is good. The 3D can be fun but when all movies are coming out in 3D it isn't the novelty it once was. I would say wait for the rental.