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Don't let them spoil it for you...

Just a couple quick comments on different things I got watched this weekend.

Chuck - vs Tom Sawyer - vs the Gravitron
The whole Jeff being the super gamer was just so strange and not enjoyable. Wasn't a big fan of the Tom Sawyer episode.

Now, Jill returning in the Ex episode was interesting though I didn't particularly like her and it wasn't just that she hurt Chuck. I pegged her as being bad from the beginning and was glad that at the end of disc 2, I was right! I do believe that the Gravitron episode was my favorite not only because it was again Thanksgiving but also because Chuck saw Jill for her evil ways and because the whole Gravitron scene was just so priceless.

Rome - Heroes of the Republic & Philippi
I thoroughly enjoyed watching Pullo and Vorenus again. I am really happy both are back in Rome and I like that Vorenus is taking Pullo's advice to gain peace in the Collegium. Of course, it is quite obvious that Memmio and Cotta aren't going to leave things be. Everything with Octavia, Octavian and Atia was rather so so but I did like that Atia seemed to swallow her pride even if I don't think she really did.

Octavian suggesting to kill all of Brutus's and Cassius's allies is rather shocking and I think leaving himself wide opened to Antony walking all over him again. Vorena's deep hatred of her father is understandable but sad and he is trying so hard and yet the children don't know that he didn't actually kill there mother. But the man that approached Vorena and then sent her the straw figures. Not good. I'm so afraid she's going to do something stupid.

Pullo killing Cicero was stunning and strange. Eirene has been acting strange and I had my speculations right up until the end. I'm thinking she's move overwhelmed and fearful that Pullo will go off campaigning again. I think they'll be okay and I loved how proud Pullo seemed of himself.

The whole thing between Agrippa and Octavia is sad and bitter sweet. I really like them together and hope that they'll manage to be together.

The fight scene at the end of Philippi was just so epic. I'm really getting hooked on this show... thanks zuz211 !

Remember Me
What can I say about a movie I had no intention of seeing but was dragged to because it was the birthday present of my friend and cousin-in-law. It was good. I mean the hype surrounding Robert Pattinson has bugged me to no end. I liked the Twilight books and I enjoyed the movies enough that I would say I liked them. I just never really saw Robert as Edward nor do I find him terribly appealing. None of that should have to do with an actor's ability, and yet I found myself not wanting to see this movie because of how crazy people are being about him.

As I said, I was dragged to this movie, but I enjoyed it. Both Pattinson and Emilie de Raven did a wonderful job really bringing you into the real lives they lead as a troubled young man and a girl dealing with her father's protectiveness because of her mother's murder (this is not a spoiler as it happens in the first minute of the movie). This is not some drivel of a romance but two people who are aware of each other's ghosts and quirks, but are more than willing to get to know each other better and love each other because of the quirk's rather than in-spite of them.

Ruby Jerins the little girl who plays the little sister Caroline is great in her role and the entire relationship between Tyler and Caroline is sweet and wonderful to watch. I was impressed to also see Lena Olin and Pierce Brosnan in the roles they were in. Both did a fantastic job. I would definitely recommend this movie though I would recommend taking some tissues because I needed them.

I would say worth the trip to the theater or even possibly a great run out and rent as soon as it hits the stands. - 3.5
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