Jill aka Jo (sireesanwar) wrote,
Jill aka Jo

Lost 6x6: Sundown

First, I really thought this episode would be more about Sun considering the name.

Second, I'm so happy it was a Sayid episode. I've liked him pretty much since the beginning so I've been wanting a Sayid episode this season. I really did think it would be cool if in the sideways he would get to see Shannon again.

Okay the sideways timeline...
I really was disappointed that Sayid and Nadia weren't together. I was ever more annoyed that he apparently "pushed" her towards his brother. How annoying. I did like that Sayid stepped in and saved his brother and family from the loan shark. It was really interesting to see Jin in the freezer and Sayid coming in to find him. I hopefully soon we will see more about Jin.

Original Timeline...
Doggen told him not to let "him" speak. But Mocke said "Hello Sayid" before he stabbed him so I'm guessing that is why it didn't work... though maybe he just wanted Sayid to die.

I'm a little freaked out by Sayid now. I also wonder what Claire is going to do to Kate. The scene with Ben and Sayid at the pool. That was just great.

I am positive that Mocke is evil and I truly wonder if one of the main characters will take Jacob's place.

Hey did you notice the screams coming from inside the black smoke as it passed over Kate? Was it just me?
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