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Avatar: The most beautiful bad movie ever....

Avatar is really a hard movie for me to judge because I think visually it was one of the best movies ever. It is well worth seeing in theaters in 3D for that. The story left a lot to be desired so for this reason I would tell people not to waste their money or their time. This leaves me somewhere in the middle.

My main issue was it was a huge mix of Hollywood's Pochantas and Dances with Wolves. I can deal with a lot of stuff but some things are just too much. It got very much into the whole mother Earth thing which I put absolutely no stock in, but could handle because it is a fantasy movie, although this fantasy story was as predictable as they come and again a huge rip off.

The idea behind the story (scientist make it possible to put your mind into an alien grown body for communication purposes and survival) was interesting. The romance was expected but I'm okay with that. And, of course, us human's/American's are just evil enough to move to a world and destroy the local populace for our own desires. Okay fine. So let's take Pochantas and Dances with Wolves and kind of squish them together. Honestly, does Hollywood have an original thought?

This movie was just too long winded on a subject that is really worth addressing. It is never right to move into an area and just kill or forcibly move the people who live there prior.

The thing is that some of the story I really wanted to love and I could see myself watching this movie again someday off a DVD but it just wasn't as good a everyone makes it out to be. So I'm thinking I would recommend waiting until it comes out on DVD to rent but then you have to decided if you want to see the grandness on the big screen and in 3D.

This is not to say that a couple icons here and there would be necessary... it is a very beautiful movie visually.
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