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Calvin & Hobbs


Hobbs: Why does he have a hot water bottle on his head?
Calvin: He's committing suicide.

Calvin: Mom and Dad fon't value hard workd and originallity as much as they say they do.

Calvin: You don't like my "Snowmand House of Horror" do you?

Pane 1: See my snowman.
Pane 2: He's enjoying a snow cone! There's nothing he liks better!
Pane 3: Hobbs: And the snowman with the ice cream scoop in his back?
Calvin: It's a sordid story.

Signs: Too Strict! Calvin's Dad Unfair! Later Bedtimes, fewer baths!
Dad: No one else at the office talks about this kind of thing.

You have to admit it's slowed down the traffic on our road.


 First she says got out. Now she says come in.

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