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October 24 2006 @ 05:40 pm
Working on new layout...  
goldie_gal was so very kind as to help me out with this layout.

Can you see everything on your screen or do you have to scroll left?

I think I'm having page width issues. The front page seems very large while when you go into this message it is very thin! Ahhhh!
Wivecawive on October 25th, 2006 02:50 am (UTC)
Looks good in Opera too, no need for scrolling left.
The only thing is, it's thin first then when you go to post it's larger.
Love the blue color!

Jill aka Jo: Eomersireesanwar on October 25th, 2006 05:26 pm (UTC)
I love the blue too. Had to change a bit for the original blue I had it on because it was a bit bright. This one is much better. I had the background the same color but it was just too much blue and didn't work with the banner... which I want to change too

As for size... I can't figure out why it is sooo skinny one minute and not the next. I'm going to beg for help and see if someone can help me fix it.